Claude McKay


Born in Sunny Vile, Clarendon Parish, Jamaica, September 15, 1889 Both parents encouraged him to take pride in his heritage. McKay combined his pride in his Heritage with his love of British poetry Studied poetry and philosophy with Walter Jekyll, and was encouraged by him. Moved to Harlem, New York after publishing is his first books. This established him some sort literary voice for social justice.

How the Poet’s Life Affected His or Her Poetry

Claude McKay’s Poetry was affected by the strong sense of pride he had towards his heritage, and his early love for British poetry. McKay worked on an autobiography called A Long Way from Home, which focuses on his experiences as an oppressed minority .Claude McKay Embraced Catholicism, and eventually completely abandoned Communism.

Modernist Poetry Time Period: What’s going on in history? (textbook pp. 690-701)

First Red Scare

Universal Negro Improvement Associatoin


Communist Party's 4th Congress

World War 2

Modernist Poetry Time Period How did it affect the poet’s work?

McKay was invested in social issues, which lead to social issues and discrimination being a common theme in his works. Was interested in Communism, both the Red Scare and the Communist Party's 4th Congress greatly influenced him, until he abandoned Communism.

Common Themes in Poet’s Work (examples of work to justify those themes)

Race and discrimination (The barrier, the lynching)

Social issues(The barrier)

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