Hockey A War on Ice

Description- Hockey is a fast contact sport played on ice between two teas with six skaters on the ice who try to hit a puck into the other teams goal using a hockey stick. The game of hockey is divided into three twenty minute periods. If still tied at the end of sixty minutes a five minute overtime will be played. If stil tied at the end of the five minute overtime will go into a best of three shootout where each team will have three tries to score. If both teams don't score the shootout will last until one team scores and doesn't allow the other team to score on their next attempt. Hockey is a six game including the goalie. Hockey also has different leagues for players depending on how skilled they are. The professional hockey league is called the NHL or the National Hockey League. There are also other hockey leagues like the SPHL, ECHL, OHL and the Ahl and many more.

San Jose Sharks right wing Joonas Donskoi scores a goal past Los Angeles Kings goalie Jonathan Quick in game 5 of the quarterfinals of the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The most common injury in hockey are shoulder injuries, however there are many more injuries that can occur. Treatment for shoulder injuries are usally rest but sometimes can result in surgey. Another very common injury in hockey is a concussion. If a player or goalie takes a puck to the head or helmet they must be exaimed by the trainer to make sure they don't have a concussion. A trainer will come out on the ice and ask them questions like what is your name or what month it is. If a goalie recieves any of these injuries they will have to be replaced by the back up goalie until there fully recovered.

Hockey injury chart.

The NHL season is 82 games long not counting the preseason or playoffs. The NHL preseason is very short and not all teams will play the same amount of games. The preseason lasts from middle September to early to middle October. The NHL regular season begins on October 12th and ends on April 9th. In the middle of the season in Feburary the All Star week will begin. Finally the Stanley Cup Playoffs will start on April 12th. The Stanley Cup Playoffs consists of 8 teams from the Western and Eastern conference. There are four rounds in the playoffs and each team is guaranteed four games. The conference quarterfinals are the first round of the NHL playoffs. The conference semifinals is the second round of the NHL playoffs and the winner of the conference semifinals goes to the conference finals. The third round of the NHL finals is called the conference finals and the winner of the conference finals is crowned champions and moves onto the Stanley Cup finals. The winner of the Stanley Cup finals wins the Stanley cup and is crowned champion of the whole league.

Stanley Cup finals logo in 2015.

In hockey if you break the rules you will sit in the penalty box for a certain amount of time. Penalties in hockey are common and at least one occurs in every game. It is very rare if a penalty doesn't occur in a hockey game. One minor penalty in hockey is tripping where one players stick gets caught in the opposing players skate blade causing them to trip and fall and may result in a penalty shot if the opposing player has a breakaway. Illegal check to the head is a major penalty and the opposing team will go on a five on four powerplay for five minutes and the player who commited the penalty will be ejected from the game and may be suspended depending on the severity of the penalty. There are also bench minor penalties where the whole team gets a penalty and the coach will choose a player to serve the penalty. A common bench minor is too many men on the ice where a team has one to many players on the ice.

Hand signs that a hockey referee use to call and indicate the penalty.

There is also a game called field hockey that is similar to ice hockey. Both ice hockey and field hockey use stick and both hit a ball or puck into a net past a goalie. They are different because ice hockey uses a puck and field hockey uses a ball. Another difference is that ice hockey is played on ice and field hockey is played on grass or turf. In ice hockey the players wear skates, while field hockey players wear cleats. In ice hockey each team players with 6 players including the goalie. In field hockey each team plays with eleven players including the goalie.

A divison I college field hockey game.
Brendan O' Donnell of the ECHL's Florida Everblades carrying the puck while being defended by Angelo Miceli of the Greenville Swamp Rabbits.


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