The Good FMNH Life


Like with the Harn Museum, I have been going to the Florida Museum of Natural History since I was really young. Every time, I get greeted by the huge dinosaur model and think of how small I feel next to it. I then always go see the pretty butterflies, and watch them land on my arm before seeing them fly away when a friend tries to take a picture.

Nature on Display

My favorite exhibit is surely the butterfly exhibit. Before you even go in with the butterflies, you see an immense collection of butterflies, big and small, creating a colorful mural on the museum's massive wall. Then you go in, and there are butterflies everywhere. And the best part is that the butterflies are not the only thing on display; there are bright colored plants everywhere that attracts the eye. While sometime getting a butterfly to land on you can be a challenge, seeing some of the camouflaged butterflies is even harder. This exhibit appeals to me because it feels immersive. The enclosure is also relatively big so it doesn't feel like the animals are as trapped as in zoos. It feels easier to learn and listen to what the guides inside tell you because you actually get to experience being with the butterflies. Living through this immersive experience is so enjoyable.

Nature and Ethics

I believe that the Natural History Museum allows us the opportunity to experience nature in ways that Leopold recommends. The butterflies are loved, shown respect, and admired. The only drawback I see is that they are caged in. I wish they had more room to fly around. But overall, I feel happy when I go visit the museum. Being in the exhibit feels like I belong and like the butterflies belong, we feel like we can be together. My friends were the same way. They appreciated the exhibit and were impressed by the butterflies. Seeing the butterflies made me feel a responsibility, a want to take care of others and animals. A want to make sure our planet keeps on surviving.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The museum helps us step out of our lives because it allows us to experience something different and we can visualize new things. We learn about things that we would never learn about else where on campus. It helps us understand who we are because we get the perceptive of a lot of other people as well. I appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world because the museum has a blend of so many things and it helps us appreciate all of them.

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