Top 10 places to visit! Felisha Ashcraft

#1 ~ Los Angeles ~ I would want to come to LA, because you can see the Hollywood sign there.Also its really warm all year.
#2 ~ Las Vegas ~ I would wanna visit here, because its the #1 place to have parties and a fun time.People dont always wanna come here for vacation though.
#3 ~ Hawaii ~ I would wanna visit here, because Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee! Coffee is like my favorite drink ever!
#4 ~ Denver ~ Denver, has one of the best football teams! (My opinion) That football team is the Broncos.
#5 ~ New York ~ New York, is the 4th most popular country in America. It is know for being called the "Big Apple."
#6 ~ Florida ~ Florida, had the 6th best football team... The Gators. (My Opinion) It is also a #1 vacation destination.
#7 ~ New Orleans ~ New Orleans, has a Blacksmith shop there that is older than the U.S. It is still open to this day.
#8 ~ Texas ~ 75000 people got divorced in 2014. It stay at a good temp all year around.
#9 ~ Hershey Park ~ It is one of the most visited theme parks. The name comes from the candy bar, Hershey Chocolate.
#10 ~ Alaska ~ I wouldn't wanna come here even though its really pretty. Its also cold.

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