COLLEGE my future education


Who do I want to represent?

"to serve to express, designate, stand for, or denote, as a word, symbol, or the like does; symbolize:"

I would represent anyone who supports me and has good benefits for me. As long as I feel comfortable working with them, feel great about representing them, and enjoy doing what I do with them. In particular, I want to get involved with developing entertainment in some type of form for people to enjoy, so I would be representing a company and/or business that creates some form of entertainment through either filming, acting, or editing. If the organization that I am working with is creating content that I find to enjoy and have fun when participating in the creation of it, I would be happy to represent them. I just want to have a great time working at an amazing place that I would be pleased to represent.


What is the college/service/work that you are interested in?

I am interested in both college and work. I think I will go to college first to help figure out what kind of career I would like to pursue for my work. I am thinking that a college in Oregon will suffice for what I would need - for my educational needs. I will attend either Southern Oregon University or University of Oregon. For work, I am interested in a nice workplace where I can get more experience with doing tasks at a job outside of my comfort zone a little bit. I'll soon get a part-time job (within the next year - during the summer of 2017 most likely) and with that, I will get more experience with work and then later on in life, after school I will want to pursue a job that I will enjoy working at and be happy representing. I will most likely pursue a career involving technology.

What is the area of study/work you see yourself doing?

"the action or process of writing computer programs."

The area of study and work will most likely be in technology, more specifically computer hardware and software (programs and other things within computers). I will go to a college, learn more about computers, specifically programming and other advanced things within computers, and then find a job that mainly has to do with computers that I enjoy. The other route would be more about filming, editing, and/or acting. Overall, I just want to learn more about the things that I'm interested in (computers and entertainment/content creation) at a college and then get a job that I enjoy and implements those things into the work.

"substantive information or creative material viewed in contrast to its actual or potential manner of presentation:"

What are some of the requirements to get into this college/work?

"The SAT is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States."

The requirements for getting into a college are that I would need to get a certain score or higher on the SAT and a certain GPA or higher. Example: for SOU, I would need to get at least a total score of 680 and for U of O, I would need at least a GPA of 3.6. For the work that I am interested in (film, media, and entertainment), I would assume that the requirements would be to be familiar with both video and audio equipment and also editing programs for both videos and photos. I notice that entertainment companies usually look for people that are good with programs such as Adobe Premiere and Photoshop. Also people who can be entertaining in front of a camera and know how to operate cameras/manage the "set" or the "scene".


Where is the college/work located?

"A four-year institution specializing in liberal arts, sciences, select graduate and professional programs."

The colleges that I am interested in are all in Oregon and this is because I want to go somewhere to study that is pretty local and still close by to my family. Southern Oregon University is located in Ashland and University of Oregon is in Eugene. Another possible college for me could be Portland State University, but it is farther. For a job, I am interested in working at Rooster Teeth Productions as an editor or a cameraman, and Rooster Teeth has at least three different locations - Los Angeles, Austin, and Littleton (Colorado)

"As Oregon's most affordable public research university, we offer tremendous opportunity to 29,000 students from all backgrounds. Our mission to 'let knowledge serve the city' reflects our dedication to finding innovative, sustainable solutions to local and global problems. Our graduates go on to invent for Intel, design for Nike, catch touchdowns in the NFL, run international corporations and make hit Hollywood movies."

Where will you live over the next four years?

"A fast-growing city that continues to have a 'small town' feel."

For the next four years I am thinking that I will live either at the college I attend or at least near it (in an apartment). But if I decide to get a local job here in Central Point, I could just live with my family for a little bit more to help save money. I'm assuming that dorms at colleges cost a little extra, but I think it would be better than paying monthly for an apartment. Overall, I will either live in an apartment near the work I get accepted into (unless it's local - then I would live with my family for a bit more) or live in a dorm at the college I get excepted into.


"the time by which something must be finished or submitted; the latest time for finishing something:"

When do you need to finish applications/take certain tests/etc?

I think that the only test I will need to take to get into a college is the SAT test (then keep my GPA at where it has been - 4.0) and I will need to do this test by the end of high school. Any applications will need to be completed when I am trying to get accepted into a certain college or trying to get a certain job because I suspect it's required to do certain applications to get accepted into almost everything. And for both these tests and applications, I will try my hardest and study my best for each. If I were wanting to get into a college quickly after high school, I would then have to complete any applications they required by the end of high school, I assume.

When will you gather the necessary skills to matriculate/lead/work?

I will gather the necessary skills to do the things that I am required of, at either a college or a job, while I am both here in high school and starting my first couple of real jobs, because that is when I will be learning how to lead and work when doing tasks under pressure and on a deadline. Maybe in college I will also gather more of those necessary skills to lead and work by learning in groups and helping each other in classes. And to "matriculate" I will learn those skills in high school since I will see the significance of those skills almost immediately after.


Why does this college/work interest you?

I am interested in attending either Southern Oregon University or University of Southern Oregon because they both offer the classes that I would need to get the job I am interested in. Southern Oregon University has a "video production minor" program and University of Oregon has an "in-house marketing communications agency" where they do graphic design, writing, editing, and photography - all of which interest me. I am interested in working in the film, media, and entertainment industry because I've always enjoyed the content outputted by different companies online and so I would absolutely love to be apart of the creation of that content. It seems like an actual fun and enjoyable job for me and I feel that I could do great in the industry with the skills that I have. I just want to practice those skills even more, so that is why I would want to go to a college and further increase my experience with those things for my future career.

Why did you make this choice?

I made this choice because I've always been interested in content creation and I already have some experience with cameras, acting, and editing both videos and photos. All I want to do is get more experienced with the more advanced programs that companies such as Rooster Teeth Productions use and I feel that I will need to go to college to do this. Then I shall apply for a job at Rooster Teeth Production (maybe get an internship at first) and hopefully they will see my determination and dedication to help creating different types of content with them, and also that my experience/skills meet their criteria that I always see displayed on their "careers" page on their website for each job that they have listed.


How does one get into this college/work? (process)

The process for getting into a certain college, such as Southern Oregon University or University of Oregon, would be to fill out any required applications and pay all applicable fees. For a job that has to do with content creation, I would say that the process is to send in your resume and try to get accepted. That's it really. To start, you can try to get an internship and get to know how things are done there. Then once you get accustomed to those tasks, you could become more eligible for a full-time, or at least a part-time, position there.

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