Michael Boroniec SoFA Chicago 2017

Ceramic Artist Michael Boroniec to Premiere “Spatial Spirals” Series at SoFA Chicago 2017

New York, NY – Nationally recognized for his socio-political body of work, ceramic artist Michael Boroniec will premiere groundbreaking new artwork opening unexplored dimensions in ceramic art at SoFA Chicago 2017 located on the Navy Pier during November 2 - 5, 2017.

At 33, Boroniec is one of the true up and coming new artists with fresh ideas and innovative interpretations executed in clay.

A 2006 graduate of the Rhode Island Schools of Design (RISD), Boroniec has made a unique mark in the arts world and has received international media attention for his socio-political art tied to world events ranging from wars in the middle east to the Gulf oil spill.

Examples of his work include “Messages”, a series of clay and sand works that include military artifacts and a unique execution of his best friend’s Army boots. The genesis of the work was his best friend’s service as an American Army helicopter pilot in the Afghanistan conflict at the time. Those pieces have toured extensively, having first been featured at the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, Massachusetts, as part of “Perfect Fit; Shoes Tell Stories”, a juried exhibition by Wendy Kaplan. Subsequently, these pieces were exhibited at five major museums across the United States.

Michael Boroniec is currently represented by Lyons Wier Gallery, 542 W 24th St. NYC. In addition to the Fuller Craft Museum, Boroniec’s work has been exhibited at Ferrin Contemporary; Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield, Ma; the New York Ceramics and Glass Fair, National Bohemian Hall, NYC; Boise Art Museum; Albany Institute of Art and History; Lauren Clark Fine Art in Great Barrington, Ma; Woods Gerry Gallery in Providence, Rhode Island. A full list of exhibitions is provided in the included “List of Resources”.

Remarking on the socio-political series, Berkshire Eagle Arts Editor Charles Bonnetti commented, “Boroniec is continually alert to present time, confronting a flow of media words and images that are instantaneous and as constant as waves drives upon a beach”.

Boroniec has also been featured in two juried RISD Biennial exhibitions including “RISD Routes: Contemporary Craft by New England Alumni” juried by David Revere McFadden, the former director of The Museum of Art and Design.

“Spatial Spiral"

At SoFA Chicago 2017, Boroniec will be debuting his latest renditions of the “Spatial Spiral” series.

Representing a departure from his past thematic works, the ‘Spatial Spiral’ series demonstrates entirely new levels of accomplishment and execution in ceramics. The series is created with an exclusive, innovative and first of its kind artistic technique that has made this signature series much sought after by collectors, even in advance of its showing at the New York Ceramics & Glass Show.

The “Spatial Spiral” series is an adventure in three dimensions and expands the concept of ceramics beyond traditional boundaries with very modern execution and beautiful lines that opens the work up for collectors to explore and share. This series has unlimited potential with each piece representing its own fore into this new world of ceramic interpretation.

During his appearance at SoFA Chicago, Boroniec will be showing both his foundational works of this series, as well as awe inspiring new concepts and pieces that have most recently been added to this innovative body of work, the likes of which have never been seen before in ceramic art.

There is no doubt that the unique nature of these works will make them much sought after by collectors who want to add Boroniec to their existing collections, as the artist to watch as he continues to garner attention and recognition for his work.

Design, execution, and finishing of each spiral piece represents a singularly unique adventure as Boroniec takes his creative concepts to the wheel where he crafts and works with clay in a completely new way. He then painstakingly employs a special firing technique, as each work is fired individually in a kiln that is custom made to accommodate the spiral designs. He completes each masterpiece with creative combinations of proprietary glazes and finishes that he has formulated during extensive processes of exploration and experimentation.

Leading Art Experts Take Notice

In addition to national and international media outlets, Boroniec’s work has captured the attention of some of the leading figures in the world of ceramic arts including Mark Del Vecchio, author of the critically acclaimed book “Postmodern Ceramic”, a widely-used text in art schools. His honors also include lifetime achievement awards (Museum of Arts and Design, New York, Friends of Contemporary Ceramics) and an honorary doctorate from the Kansas City Art Institute.

Commenting specifically on Boroniec’s new groundbreaking “Spiral” series, Del Vecchio said, “Having watched him grow over the past 6 years, Boroniec recently moved into a complex and unique direction I would not have thought possible in ceramics. Having mastered the wheel from an early age, Michael’s newest direction of slicing the thrown form and managing to fire the piece so that it has a spontaneous spaciousness while still retaining it’s whole strikes me as remarkable. The idea and form reminds me of the great Italian artist Lucio Fontana who explored for decades the cut surface."

Spatial Spiral; White II, Earthenware, Glaze, Ashfield Stone
Helix #6, Helix; Luster II, Helix #7
Spatial Spiral; White #3 | Spatial Spiral; Stingray #2
Along the Canal; Providence, RI. Acrylic on Canvas | Inquire for price

Contact: gallery@lyonswiergallery.com


Courtesy of Artist & John Pollock Photography

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