2018 Marquette Senior Bucket List Presented by the Marquette Senior Challenge COmmittee

When we first were invited to join Marquette University's Class of 2018, the year 2018 seemed so far away. Now it is just a few classes, basketball games and night outs away. Stick to this list to make sure you make the most of our last year together as a college students in Milwaukee.

1. Get coffee with your favorite professor.

2. Go to Acatoberfest and be amazed.

3. Rent bikes and explore downtown Milwaukee.

4. Go to a Brewer's game.

5. Go to as many MU basketball games as your schedule allows.

6. Go to the Milwaukee Public Market.

7. Do a service project.

8. Spend a Saturday night with friends at the painting bar, Splash Studio.

9. Go on a Brewery Tour

10. Go to an event at the Art Museum.

11. Eat $2 on a Tuesday or Thursday at Bel Air or Vegabond.

12. Go to the zoo.

13. Go to the beach.

14. Find the best cheese curds in town.

15. Celebrate National Marquette Day.

16. Eat a fancy donut from Holey Moley.

17. Go on a pedal tavern with friends.

18. Reflect on your Marquette experience.

19. Give your senior gift to a scholarship fund that means something to you to allow future students to get a great education too.


Click to learn more about the Senior Challenge Committee events for seniors.




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