Vintage Saddle Photography Backpack by Camera Coup a D.Clarke Photography camera gear review

The Vintage Saddle Photography Backpack

The thing I wish someone had told me, when I first started photography with a 35mm film Pentax SLR camera nearly 30 years ago was the importance of a quality camera bag.

We research and agonise over lenses, cameras, tripods and to some degree even camera straps, and yet don't give our bags a second thought.

I personally have spent a fortune on camera bags over the years, I have 5 old ones sitting under the bed, that are either to big, to small, uncomfortable and just worn out.

You take your camera everywhere in its bag. It is one of the most important investments. If it fails when you are out, you are in serious trouble

2 camera bodies with battery grips, a 85mm f1.8, a 24-70mm f2.8, a tripod, a zoom h5 stereo audio recorder and a DJI Osmo pocket 4k video camera are all in that bag and its still comfortable enough to ride the bike with.
  • It needs to be strong
  • it must be weather proof
  • extremely comfortable
  • it must protect your investment
  • and sometime it needs to be stylish

The Vintage Saddle Photography Backpack by Camera Coup

I came across these bags completely by chance. Well thats not quite true, I came across this bag because every other person I know tagged me in it on instagram and facebook, because they felt the design suited my look, so i gave in and liked what I saw.

I had no intention on buying a new bag, but I'm really pleased I got one, the design and quality far exceeded my expectations.

Its comfortable enough to wear all day at a music festival or hiking through a forest. yet stylish enough to wear photographing a wedding.

every piece of camera, video and audio recording gear in this picture was in the bag.

one of my biggest concerns with any camera bag is, will it be big enough for everything i need to cart around, and I dont know how they did it but this things like the tardis off Dr Who,

Its actually bigger on the inside, than it appears on the outside. It comfortably holds everything I need it too.

5 out of 5 stars

The Camera Coup Vintage Saddle Photography Backpack is the best bag I've ever owned. 5 out of 5 stars. Highly Recommended

you can find Camera Coup here

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