One Drop of Water... Leigh Martin KSU Instructional Technology Coach

Northwestern Middle School

Professional Development at Northwestern Middle School has all been presented in Personalized Learning Simulation Format- This "show, don't tell" method of PD has been a very powerful model.

I designed and implemented (with help from my KSU friends) a Multi Level Professional Development to introduce teachers to the FCS Personalized Learning Principles and further PD to focus on the first three NMS principles.


My work with teachers at Northwestern Middle School has included adding blended learning tools like Blendspace and Edmodo. My coaching team is using video resources from Ted Ed, Discovery Education, Khan Academy and even Brainpop to help kids pre-learn content and also to support remediation. Educreation videos are helping kids mentor one another We've implemented some simple data collection solutions like Kahoot, Quizziz, Socrative and Plickers. These tools are being used to inform personalized instruction in the classroom. Professional development introduced many data collection tools and teachers were encouraged to give some new things a try. We got the kids moving and stretched the classroom space by using Goosechase and QR codes. I loaned the Media Center some of the KSU maker tools and student excitement over these items has led to a discussion about adding some fun maker tech to the media program. The Media Specialist is an innovative, committed educator and she is currently reinvigorating the space. I've done small group professional development in support of One Note/Class Notebook. We took my math team to Crabapple Middle for a field trip to see Personalized Learning at work in a one to one classroom setting. Ana Hale has been contracted to help each Grade Level take a deep dive into Discovery Education resources and Spotlight Strategies for updating classroom activities to expand collaboration, communication creativity and critical thinking. I've been helping Admin build a quick one stop shop for all the county and state provided resources available. They are also exploring purchasing more adaptive content for the school in order to provide many layers of support in all topics.

The thing I am most proud of at Northwestern Middle School is how the tools and strategies we have introduced are being used to support both academic and social/emotional needs of the students there. They started this work before I ever arrived and have remained steadfast in the idea that all of their endeavors should fully support their students.

Abbotts Hill Elementary School


Abbotts Hill has already implemented several programs that support Personalized Learning. They have a 4Cit lab with a teacher who encourages students to explore and create. The 4 c's feature strongly in all activities in the lab and students are excited about the freedom to learn what and how they want. Abbotts also hosts a weekly enrichment block where teachers offer fun, creative activities and students get to choose what activity to participate in. There was jewelry making, knitting, cooking, karate and much much more. The 4Cit instructor encouraged students to create a cardboard arcade after viewing the film, "Caine's Arcade". It's an amazing opportunity and I had nothing to do with it but thought it should be included in any discussion of this school.

My work at Abbotts Hill focused on implementing tools that teachers and students could use to explore and support Personalized Learning and the 4 C's. Most of the technology tools that we worked with were intended to support students in communication and colaboration. Padlet was a favorite and students who learned it in one classroom mentored the other classes to teach the tool. We used padlet in a variety of grade levels for compare and contrast activities, daily discussion and ticket out the door. The media specialist, Linda Dickinson, introduced Seesaw to the teachers and I worked in small groups of students in my coaching team to help them learn how to use it. K-4 implemented this tool to help students share their work, comment on each others work, and build communication with parents. Students were proficient at using seesaw with ipads and uploading projects that they created using tools like chatter pix and pic collage.

3rd Grade students and I designed a technology choice board that included many multimedia activities along with instructions on using them. This board will be available to all students in the school as the personalized learning principles of choice in demonstrating learning and Student Choice and voice are implemented at Abbotts Hill Elementary. 3rd grade students used it during their first PBL of the year.

Our 2nd grade team embraced Skype as a way to extend the classroom outside the school walls. They did a Mystery Skype with a 3rd grade classroom within our district and then skyped with a Yellowstone National Park Ranger to learn more about the park. The teachers were thrilled to find that their students could connect with experts from around the globe on Skype in the Classroom. I was most excited when Ms. Coltrane set up a skype on her own when my support had ended. I think this is a tool that will make a big change in the experience of Abbotts Hill students.

Lastly I am pleased to say that I helped connect Abbotts Hill with ischool initiative and they are serving as one of the pilot schools for the student advocate program in elementary school. I think that this program will be a huge success at the school because there is such a strong admin and teacher team to make it work.


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