Ukraine By Destiny Webb

Ukraine is located in Europe, near the countries of Romania and Poland .
These points are where the environment and landscape allows them to live

33.6% of the Ukraine's population call themselves Christians - 33.6%

66.4% of Ukraines population dont belive in a religion or not aware of religous belifes

This is the Ukraine's Alphabet. Ukraine people speek the languege called Ukrainian. It is originated in Russia
The physical features of Ukraine : the Black Sea' borders most of Ukraine , Waterfalls are in lots of different places in Ukraine , the Crimean Mountains witch are forested is almost everywhere in Ukraine, The Dnieper River is the biggest river in Ukraine along with other rivers.
The most popular sport in Ukraine is called Soccer. We call it Soccer they call it football there. the "Footchampions of Soccer in ukraine is the team called the

theses are some basic phrases of the Ukrainian language is very unique it seems vary hard to learn

The county of Ukraine's Government is democracy and Republic the president of Ukraine can be elected president two times for 5 year term's .
St. Sophia's Cathedral is located in the capital city of Kiev
Golden Gates of Kiev was the main gate in the 11th-century with walls that protect Kiev, the capital of Kievan Rus.
These clothes are unique the country of Ukraine because of curtain beliefs or just to fit in. This style is vary classic to wear these types of clothes because the style has been worn by there ancestors and consider it respectful.

This is the Ukraine original Folk Dance it is very important to there country.


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