Dear World... by Mackenzie Holst

Some are written in ink. Others in blood. Black Expo marker works too.

Jonah Evans, executive producer of Dear World, was on hand to help students share their stories.

Hundreds of people lined up in the Mary Couts Burnett Library this week to write phrases on their bodies and get their photograph taken as part of the Dear World College Tour. The project encourages people to write personal messages about their lives.

Here are their stories.

I can hear you.

“I have a learning disorder… where I hear everything backwards. People think I can’t hear them, and it’s not that. I can hear you, I’m just trying to process everything. I’ve made it so far and I’m proud of myself because I wasn’t even supposed to get into college.” – Connor Sprague, junior nursing major

Just keep smiling.

“My first semester was really challenging academically. I switched from nursing to early childhood education. Science just wasn’t my thing. I was really scared about changing my major, but I had to think positive like, ‘I’m okay, and the future is going to be great.’” – Margaux Brink, first-year early childhood education major

Never stop learning.

“Learning is one of those things that’s a give and take. For me, honestly, I’m an extremely extroverted person, so I love learning about people. I love talking to people, asking them questions, getting to know them better and their stories.” – Dominic Michely, first-year business and math major

rule your mind, or it will rule you.

“I’ve had anxiety my whole life, but I learned how to deal with it and channel it, rather than let it overcome who I am.” –McKenzie Bates, sophomore strategic communications major

everybody is somebody's hero.

“My hero is probably my mom, just because of everything that she’s taught me throughout life and that she’s been with me around every corner. She’s always continually being encouraging and ready to lend a helping hand.” – Jacob Choulet, sophomore finance and entrepreneurial management major

Follow me as i follow christ.

“I think it’s such a bold statement to make: To tell a person that if you follow me, you’ll get to Jesus. I’ve chosen to live my life that way. When you give your trust to God, he can bring you through the worst situations and make you a conqueror of those things.” – Tyler Provost, senior psychology major

be still and know that i am god.

“The day before school started in the fall, I got in a really bad car accident. It completely changed my plans for what I was going to do or how I was even going to get to school. But He gave my mom a car, and I’m super grateful. Even though all these struggles come, it’s all momentary, and God is gonna take care of everything.” - Megan Fowler, junior theater major

Improvise, adapt and overcome

“It’s an Army mantra. I learned about serving a higher purpose, and joining the military. I was in the U.S. Army, National Guard, and I served in Iraqi Freedom. I was surprised that I had PTSD, so it’s been a nine-year struggle transitioning back to civilian life. You’re going to be faced with challenges, and you gotta find a way.” – Cristina Mungilla, senior strategic communications major

work harder than yesterday.

“I’ve come across instances when I wanted to give up, but I met great people that have told me to keep working hard and that it gets better in the end. I have quotes on my wall about hanging in there and learning to be a better person.” – Bakari Samin, junior biology major, psychology minor

god does not make mistakes

“Faith has been a really huge part of my life, arguably the most important part. I was not really intending on going to TCU, but I really just felt called to go here. I could not have found a better place for me. That’s the definition of God not making mistakes.” - Audriana Bolton, first-year strategic communication major

follow your heart, take what's yours.

“I took a year off between my freshman and sophomore year. It was a little bit of a struggle, but I decided to follow my heart and my passion, which is aviation and flying. I decided to break the mold of this going to school for four years and just do what I wanted to do.” – Barry Dunn, junior finance major

pray for tay.

“My big in my sorority has stage-four colon cancer. She ended up having to drop out of TCU last semester. She was in the hospital for the past month. There are so many people on this campus that are talking about her and her motto – Choose Joy. I just think it goes to show the impact she has on people. It’s made me realize that we should take every day and be more joyous in all that we do.” – Grace Franko, first-year psychology major (on right)

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