Avalanche by riley

What is an Avalanche?

An avalanche is a massive snow drift that falls down a mountain . It's kind of like a land slide, but with snow. Avalanches are very powerful. They gain speed as they go down.

How is An Avalanche Formed?

An avalanche is formed when there is movement like when a skier goes down a mountain and there's a lot of loose snow. They can also be formed from an earthquake. When loose snow suddenly breaks apart and falls quickly, an avalanche happens.

How long does an avalanche last?

An avalanche can last from a few seconds to several minutes. It is a little under a mid end. Most are like 45 seconds.

How powerful can an Avalanche be?

An avalanche can actually weight up to 1 million tons! That's like drinking 400 gallons of water.An avalanche can sweep skiers off the ground and destroy buildings. Many people have lost their lives due to an avalanche.

Where does an Avalanche Happen?

Avalanche's happen where there are mountains. They happen in countries like Canada because there are a lot of mountains.

Interesting Facts

  • Did you know that an avalanche can also be called a snow slip?
  • Did you know that Switzerland and France have the most avalanches?
  • an avalanche kill 150 people each year
  • an avalanche can reach 250 mills


  1. massive it's big
  2. mountain a big hill
  3. powerful having great power
  4. gain an increase in amount
  5. speed going faster
  6. land slide snow that falls down in a rapid movement
  7. midend 45 seconds
  8. 1 million tons 400 gallons
  9. countries miles of extended expanse of land
  10. Canada a country in North America between the Pacific and Arctic Oceans.
  11. swizerland a country in western Europe
  12. France a country of western Europe.


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