Nov 20, 2016

Over the past 14 years I can’t tell you how often someone has said this to me. Followed by, “why don’t I get more responses?”

When seeking and applying for a new job, everyone faces the same challenge…

How do I get someone to respond?

A common approach and misconception when seeking a new job is to primarily rely on job postings. Let’s face it, most people aren’t professional job seekers. Most don’t write resumes or interview for a living. So, it’s safe to say they don’t know the ins and outs. What’s also a little known fact, are what percentage of job postings represent actual open positions in their early stages. We will leave that topic for another day, however.

For years I’ve been recommending to referrals that they be proactive during a job search and focus their time and energy on ‘who’ they want to work for and being able to articulate ‘why’ they’d be a good addition to the company. This is of utmost importance when planning your job search and not something to start thinking about at interview time. Remember, the issue is getting someone to respond, right? So give them a compelling reason to do so.

When seeking and applying for a new job, everyone faces the same challenge…How do I get someone to respond?

Don’t simply do what so many others do. Knowing where you’d be a fit or believing you know technically, operationally or strategically and being able to articulate what you bring to the table will separate you from the crowd.

But, it takes effort! Yes, doing homework online reviewing press releases and news about a company, getting connected with people you don’t know, by those you do know takes effort. However, the research, networking, introductions and subsequent conversations you have will make a huge difference.

Here’s an excellent example of the issues described above and how someone didn't follow the crowd. How I got the job before the Ad was posted!

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Ken Osvath is a seasoned staffing professional and veteran of the recruitment and employment industry; Successfully serving Fortune 100 companies to small business for over 14 years.

Veteran Staffing Professional ♦ Interview Coach Successfully placing top quartile talent for over 14 years ♦ $72M Revenue ♦ 900+ filled positions
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