Andy Warhol "Art is what you can get away with."

Andrew Warhola

Perfume Bottles (Halston Campaign) - Still Life Series

Born: August 6, 1928

Died: February 22, 1987

Jack Nickolson

Bizarre Photography / Pop Art


Warhol exhibited Sewn Photos or multiple prints of the same photo sewn together, in his last exhibition before his death.

Sewn Photo

In regards to his photography, Warhol worked for himself, photographing every aspect of his life from the most private to the most public. But in painting, he worked for many famous people, which involved altering photos of them.

Triple Elvis

Warhol used the 1986 Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera that Polaroid kept in production specifically for him. He used the polaroid for the "snapshot method" of photography that he used for silkscreens.

John Lennon

The usual lighting of Warhol's photos was the polaroid flash.

Mick Jagger

Early influences included Hollywood movies and art classes from the Carnegie Institute. His first pop paintings were based off of comics and ads of the 60's.

Wayne Gretzky
"The famous myth about Warhol claiming that he wasn't even in the factory studio when many of his canvases were produced smoke-screens an artist who relied heavily on human contact, who in a sense needed his eye to be present and engaged so much that he often called the camera strapped around his neck his 'date' at parties." -Christopher Bollen
Self Portrait

I selected this photographer because I knew of his well known art that was largely photo based but had never really seen any actual photos taken by him. I like Andy Warhol's work because of the polaroid element of his photos and the fact that they couldn't be reprinted.

Muhammad Ali
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Elizabeth Prowse

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