Howard carter was an English man,who was an archeoligist with a normal life at first,but he dreamed to become known with all of his knowledge.In 1922,on the 4th of November one team of men,who were excavating a piramid and discovered one stone step and this could change historical knowledge for years to come!!!

  • Young Howard carter,was born in Kenssington,London on the 9th of May 1874 to a succesfull family.
  • His father was a succesfull artist who was born in Norfolk.
  • He was sent to live with his aunt as he was a sickly child and had to be homeschooled.
  • His love for Egypt started at the local Amherest family house which had a sizable collection of Egyptain artifacts.
Photos of Egypt

As soon as he became the age of 17,he sailed out to Egypt and soon became an artist for some of the most famous Egyptologysts.


  • antiques dealer
  • designing plans for excuvators
  • leading his own excuvation

One of Howards most amazing discovereis was his findings of Tutankahmun he waited three weeks for his funder lord Canarvon to arrive and once he arrived Carter opened a hole to see in side and he said that he saw 'wonderful things.'


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