3D Printed Boat Challenge The Launch of the Unsinkable Titanic 2.0

For my boat I decided to make a v-hull with two extra hulls on the sides for support and stability. The entire boat is hollow to make sure it's weight is less than the weight of the water so that is has a buoyant force. Buoyancy is when an object has the ability to float by having the weight of the object weighing less than the weight of the water. That way it displaces more water. The boat is quite wide so that it's stable. When an object has stability it has the ability to be stable and is balanced. The boat is not very tall so that it is balance and has extra stability.

My boat was inspired by the styles of the two boats above. One has a double hull and the other a v-hull. I decided to combine both of the ideas for extra stability and balance so my boat can be secure while floating atop the water.

Because the weight of the water is greater than the weight of the boat, the boat floats. My boat was only able to hold about 2 coins. When I tried to put 3 coins on it, it became unbalanced and sank. However the boat was able to remain stable when there was turbulence.

One of the weaknesses of my boat is it tipped a bit from the back because of the design. Next time I think if I left out the box in the back of the boat, it might be more stable. Also, I noticed with other people's boats that they were simpler designs and that they floated better, partly due to their simplicity. If I ever were to remake my boat, I think I would definitely make it a lot simpler. Also, it was quite small and not very wide, so it wasn't too stable. Next time I make a boat like this, I'll make sure to make it wider so it's more stable. I think I would incorporate other people's ideas by giving it a round double hull for stability. I think one of the strengths of my boat was the creativity in the design. I believe a did a good job of thinking outside the box when it comes to the boat's design, despite the boat not being able to hold 3 coins.

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