fastStart Created by: Elvis Fernandes


fastStart is a remote start app for cars, designed specifically for apple watch. The main idea is to be able to use fastStart app to:

  • Start and stop the engine
  • Changing the car temperature
  • Lock and unlock the car Doors
  • Check the car status
  • Be able to find your car in a parking lot, using GPS, horn, and flash lights
  • Be able to receive notifications in case the car has any problem. For example: - Engine lights, Door Unlock, Windows down, low tires, and more.

fastStart also have some functionality like :

  • Change color of the App it self, according with the user preferences
  • Lock a single door, and car trunk(s) in case you left then unlock
  • Roll up the car window(s), in case you left the window(s) opened
fastStart Logo

fastStart Flowcharts

Early stage of fastStart App

Below is the fastStart App interfaces displayed in an apple watch screen

Usability test of fastStart

For the usability test, I choose Silverback, and Quicktime Player to test my subjects, but for compatibility reason between my Mac Pro and Silverback, I had some problem trying to record my subjects, and also a had some problem with external microphone when I was using Quicktime Player.

Video Test Subjects

Tasks that I used during the usability test:

  1. Launch the fastStart app and turn on the engine
  2. Unlock and lock the door
  3. Check the car status
  4. Open the car finder and use the flash lights to find your car
  5. Check the warning sign to know what is the present problem in the car

Subjects feedbacks:

  • Color change
  • To use a different flash lights icon
  • To use a back button on the screen

Most the feedback was positive, in general all my subjects liked the fastStart App, and in their opinion it can be very useful, and that will be worth use this application in the real life.

Changes after my subject’s feedback

Example of Different colors available in the fastStart App

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