El Mirador Washed, caturra catuai - San Jose de Lourdes, Peru

Quick Facts

Producer: Jheyer Román

Country: Peru

Region: Alto Peru - San Jose de Lourdes

Varieties: Caturra, Catuai (he also grows Marsellsa and Catimor, which he keeps separate.)

Elevation: 1,800 m.a.s.l

Harvest: August - November

Process: Washed


Jheyer Román is quality focused through and through - not only as farmer - but also as a quality control specialist in coffee. Jheyer worked in the quality lab for a cooperative based in Jaen, Peru for few years before he joined the lab of a new exporter name Origin Coffee Lab in 2017. Since starting in the office of Origin Coffee Lab, Jheyer has showcased his quality dedication everyday in the lab, but has also taken that same dedication to his 2 hectare farm in San Jouse de Lourdes. On his farm, El Mirador, Jheyer is separating varieties, and even experimenting with planting the variety Marsellesa. (which so far he has had very good results with.) In addition, Jheyer is particularly focused on better and better practices for picking and fermentation, which in 2020 led him to travel to Costa Rica, where he spent months to learn more about processing and coffee production.

History of Origin Coffee Lab

Origin Coffee Lab was established in 2017 by Alex Julca, and José Rivera (aka Pepe). Alex is the son of coffee farmers and an experienced cupper, and worked for many years as a taster for one of the largest quality cooperatives in Peru. Pepe's family has been involved in the coffee business for decades, and he grew up with a coffee dry mill/lab as his playground as a kid.

When Pepe, was in his mid 20's he moved to the US with his partner Mariagracia and ended up working in Chicago for a coffee roaster. While he worked at the roaster, Pepe was exposed to some of the best coffees in the world and wondered why Peru was often not represented. To Pepe, his home country of Peru seemed to have all the criteria to create amazing coffee and this nagged at him constantly. So the idea of distinguishing coffees from Peru soon became a goal. Jose and Mariagracia together made the decision to move back to Peru to join with Alex to create Origin Coffee Lab. With Alex and Pepe working together, and Mariagracia heading much of their social and sustainability efforts a tthe company, they set up a lab and office in the heart of the city of Jaen. Altogether they based the business on building unique systems for transparency and quality, that in a few short years has been able to create better markets for hundreds of coffee producer around the region.

Flavor Notes

Plum, Citrus, Juicy

With big dark fruit that ranges from plum to berries, a crisp citric acidity, and big juicy body - this is shining example of the quality that is possible from farms in the high elevations of northern Peru.

Processing Information


After picking and sorting cherries for ripeness, the coffee is pulped into a small tank for fermentation. Fermentation is done dry, meaning it is fermented without being submerged in water. Fermentation time averages around 18-22 hours, depending on weather.

The coffee is dried, mostly covered by shade, and takes from 15-20 days.

Regional Information

San Jose de Lourdes - San Ignacio

San Jose de Lourdes, is one of the seven districts of San Ignacio in Northern Peru. This community is in the high elevations just east of the actual town of San Ignacio.

Jhyener Román's farm, El Mirador, is in the small village of Alto Peru, which is one of the higher elevation communities of San Jose de Lourdes.