Control When joe is stariNg to contrOl the town and janie over she dOes in cHapter 5

"Whut make her keep her head tied up lak some ole 'Oman round de store?" (49) This means that joe is making her tie her hair up because he thinks other guys would go for her and he thinks he's the best in town by having so ugh control over everyone.

The next quote is explaining how much control joe has and wants over Janie "Cause you jump up tuh make speeches and don't know how" (42) he believes he married Janie for her to work in the house and not give speeches.

"Whut ah don't like about this man is, he talks tuh unlettered folks wid books in his jaws" (49) it says that why doesn't Janie like joe, he's the best man around and he thinks he's better than everybody

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