OTA Expands Interoperability Now travel any turnpike in Texas with your PIKEPASS!

PIKEPASS Interoperability is a solution for seamless access to turnpikes and toll roads in Oklahoma, Kansas and now ALL of Texas without managing multiple transponders or toll accounts.

Use your PIKEPASS on any of the Turnpikes shown above!
"This has been a long time coming. We are thrilled to now be interoperable with all of Texas and look forward to becoming interoperable with many other states in the future. I'd like to thank our OTA staff and those at other agencies for working diligently to make this happen." Tim Gatz, Secretary of Transportation and OTA Executive Director

Interoperability allows PIKEPASS customers to use their turnpike transponder for travel on other Toll Agencies’ roads. The tolls are billed to the customer’s PIKEPASS account as long as your account maintains a positive balance and interoperability has been selected.

If you have any of the tags above, you are able to drive on the Oklahoma Turnpike System just as you would in Texas or Kansas!

See Kansas

See Oklahoma

See Texas

PIKEPASS is the fastest, safest way to travel the Oklahoma Turnpike System and is now interoperable with Kansas and Texas! It provides totally automated electronic tolling and non-stop turnpike travel. PIKEPASS customers receive an average 5% savings off the posted cash rate for tolls. Don't get passed. Get PIKEPASS!

Open a PIKEPASS Account using the button below:

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