You're Excused Why nursing students should receive excused absences for their clinical hours

Mandatory Attendance Policy for Liberty University General Education Classes

There are excused absence forms for...


Even Debate Students

But not for...

Nursing students must complete clinical hours

Clinical hours are the most important part of a nurse's education

In clinicals they learn the skills they will use the rest of their career

How to properly start an IV
How to correctly document patient information

"The purpose of clinical instruction is to give the student opportunities to bridge didactic information with the realities of practice." - Martha Bradshaw

If you miss a clinical, you will be put on clinical probation...

You may only miss clinicals for these reasons...

You are communicably ill

You have experienced the illness or death of a close family member

You are excused by the University for a University Event etc

Medical missions' trip

-Liberty University Nursing Student Handbook 2015-2016


Clinicals take place on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Problem for scheduling classes?


Therefore, the nursing department and Dean Britt should consider creating an excused absence form for nursing students to be able to be excused from general education classes in order to attend their clinicals.


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