ART By: Madisen Winters

Today, I'm going to be finishing my sketches for the Pop-Art project, inspired by Romero Britto. This project seems more interesting and creative then the other ones we have done. I am interested to see how they turn out, even though it is a lot of work.

Work done by Romero Britto

Today, I'm going to continue working on the Pop-Art sketches, I am doing the designs inspired off by Romero Britto. I'm going to get my other sketches checked today and try to start drawing the three designs on the three bigger sheets of paper. My favorite sketch that I did is the clock one, I'm excited to see how it turns out.

This is a very painting/ sculpture by Romero Britto

For the last two days i have been absent. However, today I'm going to start on my book cover and hopefully I can get my sketch done by the end of class. Also, I want to start coloring it. There is so much coloring to do so that will not be fun, coloring is not that bad its just that I am coloring so much, and it will probably get boring.

Today I'm hopefully going to finish the book cover, even though it is really big. I'm already on colors so that's good. There's so many different designs, and I do not know how its going to turn out- good or bad.

This is how far done I am.

I am still working on my book cover, it is taking so long and getting very boring. I would really like to finish it today, so hopefully next class I can actually construct it with the part behind it. I am over half way done on the book cover, and if I do not finish it today I will probably take it home and try to work on it, which I really do not want to.

Today, still working on my project (book cover) but I am almost done so thats good. New designs are hard to come up with and it is hard, which stinks. I am really going to try to finish this today, hopefully I will be able to, I am very bored of doing designs.


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