My Ideal Career: Makeup artist.

Makeup Artist

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One of my ideal careers is to be a makeup artist, one of the main reasons why I would like to persue in this career is because I have been very passionate about makeup ever since I was 8 years old. When I was 8 I watched YouTube videos from the creators Bethany Mota, Michelle Phan, Sarai Jones and Meredith Foster, I watched these videos and fell in love with the way makeup made them way more confident. I used my sisters makeup and copied what they did in their makeup tutorials, today I am still watching these YouTube videos and gained way more confidence.

The qualifications you need in order to be a Makeup Artist:

Level 2 Diploma in Hair, Photographic and Media Makeup

Level 2/3 Diploma in Hair and Media Makeup

Level 3 Diploma in Theatrical, Special Effects, Hair and Media Makeup

Level 3 Diploma in Fashion, Theatre and Media Makeup

To be a Makeup Artist you need to be creative, imaginative and skillful with makeup. The hours makeup artists work are often long and gruelling, so you have to be able to deal with this. You need to be able to follow directions while also having the confidence to have a vision and then follow through on it. Things get stressful on productions and you will have to be able to stay calm and upbeat in the midst of this. You also need to be comfortable working away from home, as some of your work will be done on location. The total hours of working can be up to a whole day long from doing wedding makeup or even longer doing a fashion shows makeup for the models which takes a lot of patience, effort an creativity.

For experience you can work part time or full time at many makeup brands stores such as Mac, Sephora etc.

When you are a makeup artist you can earn from $63,710 to $120,050 depending on how known you are.

You don't need to pick any subjects in school to pursue in this career path, you can either set up your own business without any qualifications or go into tech and do total beauty for 2 years for the SPP Program for GCSE's.

Being a Makeup Artist also gives you the chance of working with Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lawrence, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, And also working on movie sets with amazing actors.

The place of you work can be anywhere really, from your house to a luxury studio as long as you have the skills it isn't necessary.

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