Night Dream a night dream fantasy

Created by Qingxuan Zhu

'This is a beautiful night'

standing in front of French window,

looking away to the famous sky wheel, nearby the water, I think.

Earlier today, I finished my short program. My score was a dozen points ahead of the second skater, well I have not even reached the limits of my abilities. Think of it, I can't help but leave a snort with laughter. Holding up my goblet, I sip a little bit of ice wine. Not the best, but sweet enough.

The hotel television is playing our recent short program now. I look at the appearance of each skaters. Yep, the women's short program was so full of charming as usual; the light-footed sequences and those graceful postures on ice always increase my desire to participate in paired skating instead of developing my single program. Oh, fuck it, people will never stopped gossiping regardless how I treat my female rink mates, whether I was only asking ladies for improving my Biellmann spin or merely sitting in the same bench with them.

There is one thing I know for sure; I have some talent. Otherwise, I won't get high enough score to win international medals in male single skating.

Next the television shifts into men's short program. I got a bad luck on today's lottery section, so unfortunately I was the first one to perform on ice. Sooner, I will see myself on television. Now, they have finished introducing each skaters in group one, and the music has started. That's my music. I dawdle back to my bed, ready to lie down and watch my imperfect ice show.

Then, I see a cat is laying at the top of television, belly goes downside. This is my lovely pet, named Sara.

"Hey girl, I can see you love me really much, you are now laying on TV, and the only purpose you do that is watching me on TV, right? But dear Sara, you will block my view by this way."

As I talk to Sara, I take her back to the bed. It seems like she has already asleep. When I try to hold her in my arm, there is only a little bit of struggle with that, she doesn't move a lots. So afterward, a man and a cat lie on the bed, sleepily and quietly watching TV. I unconsciously fall asleep.

I remember I dreamed about some non-logic things. In this dream, I was in the same room as the room before I was going to sleep, and the same bed as I laid down before. In my fuzzy memory, I could only remember that I was watching TV, there was a starfish sitting on the corner, sadness and helplessness. Dreams are always supernatural, and I don't know why I could watched a silent starfish on TV for such a long time and not feel boring at all.

Sadness and hopeless starfish.

On the other side of my bed, a dark object was jumping up and down. Its behavior made me feel really annoyed. So I turned my head to the dark object, hoped I could stop him. And I saw it clearly what the dark object was. It was Kumamon.

"Hi, be quiet okay? You are disrupting me from watching TV."

I used my finger pointing at television.


The excited Kumamon

Apparently, Kumamon didn't want to be quiet. That really started to irritate me. Without any deeper thinking, I picked up a pillow and thrown it directly to his head.

The dream then ended.



An unfamiliar male voice, not John. I immediately become alert. The sound comes from the door side. So I get out of the bed and walk to the door, nobody in there.

'Was that an illusion?'

I simply find out two cats sitting next to the door. The taller one is holding Sara in its arm. Hey! Sara is so obedient to allow another cat to touch her, and not moving at all. It never happened before!


I heard that voice again. No one else is in this room now. Do not say that-! I lower my head and look at the taller cat. It is pushing a food cart within some food by it's head, and turning up to look at me.

'Really it's the cat! Am I still dreaming?'

This time, the dream is no less odder than the last one, but everyone knows dreams are non-logic things for the most of time. Why take it seriously? So I nod and acquiesce in it behaviors.

"Thank you, kitty!" I say to it as it sets up food cart and then turns away, seems ready to leave. Don't know why, kitty's body is shaking a bit, but it says nothing, quickly opens the door and then leaves.

I could have my dinner in my dream, that's really rare. Anyway I wash my hand and ready to sit down enjoy my food.


"Did you get hurt?"

Man who is waiting outside the seclusion door asks.

"When you offered him food, did he act aggressively?"

"No, detective. He cannot distinguish human beings and cats."

"He thought of me as a cat."

The detective holds an autopsy report and a crime scene report on his hand. The dead man's name was John. His head was hit by a sharp item (suspected ashtray) which caused haemorrhage. Neck bruised, suspected to be pinched the neck and lead to suffocation, ribs fractured. There was also a dead cat body hanging on the top of TV, with its belly went downside.

Behind them, the television is broadcasting daily news.

Created By
Qingxuan Zhu


Created with images by daway - "halo aperture light" • Hans - "starry sky star galaxies" • Julien.Belli - "Pure!" • forestwildlife - "Week #5 Mono" • Dania Do Svidaniya - "The Great Cat War" • stux - "no call hospital ad" • Sibe Kokke - "TV Error"

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