Me Before You By: Jojo Moyes

Publication date: January 5th, 2012

Jojo Moyes was born in 1969 and grew up in London. She worked as a journalist for ten years, including a year at South China Morning Post in Hong Kong. Jojo has been a full time novelist since 2002, when her first book, Sheltering Rain was published. Since then she has written a further eleven novels, all of which have been very popular. Jojo now lives on a farm in England with her husband, journalist Charles Arthur, and their three children.

The setting of this story takes place in the united kingdom. The setting varies throughout the story from Louisa clark's small home to her work place, will traynor's castle.

The main character in this story is louisa clark as you can see she has a unique sense of style and has the sweetest accent. One of the main things that louisa struggles with is always being the smaller child and her older sister always having everything, also she throughout the story struggles trying to get will to like her because at the BEGINNING he wants nothing to do with her but eventually changes.

This is will traynor and throughout the story he struggles with attempting to live his life from his wheelchair. After he gets hospitalized in the first chapter it is hard for him to let anyone in and when Louisa comes to work for him it is no different. during the story we watch will grow in to a man who is worth a chance.

This is patrick, louisa's boyfriend at the BEGINNING of the book and the main struggle he faces is the jealousy it poses against will and it INTERFERES with louisa's work. eventually things work out, maybe not in his favor but YOU'LL have to read to find out.

In the BEGINNING of the story will traynor gets hit by`a car which puts him in a wheelchair for the remainder of the book. after louisa loses her job she is in desperate search of a new one and IRONICALLY will needed an assistant to help him through everyday life. at first will is very hesitant about having her around but throughout the story they grow and you will have to read to find out the rest.

in the terms of the writing style i liked how everything was always described in great detail and i felt like i could see it playing in my head. something that i DIDN'T like about the writing style was how foreshadowing was often used which made me know what was coming a lot of the time.

I loved this story because it was a real story that was guided through genuine characters and it was really just a heartfelt STORY LINE. something i DIDN'T like about the story is how much i cried, but the ending was worth it.

the theme of this story i believe is that everybody deserves a chance and nobody should be judged by their front they may put up. over time all things will work itself out and you have to put trust in that.

this book kept me very intrigued and I would always wonder if things would ever work out. i would recommend this book to people who are looking for a good plot and willing to shed a couple tears.

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