(Week 4) w/c 3rd April 2017 Reflective Journal by Dziliana Vorobjova

This week, I began working on creating biographies for the characters in the game. I referenced from the moodboards that Harry and I worked on to develop ideas. First, I researched Japanese names from multiple sources as the story is set in modern Japan. Some of the names that we planned on choosing for the protagonist were: Rin (cold, dignified, severe) and Ryo (distant; reality; refreshing). We chose Mari (which means rebellious) because we felt like that name would suit her playful side more than the mentioned ones.

Because the Yakuza member don't use their real names, we went with Maria meaning sea of sorrow/wished for child which perfectly suits her. It also make sense to go from Mari Himura to Maria.

The child: Emi (beautiful blessing; beautiful picture), Kayo (beautiful generation), Mieko (beautiful blessing child), Reiko (lovely child). We decided on Kyoko because, while we think the child will be a 'blessing' for the main character, we feel like 'child of the city' would suit the child's personality more considering the way she will be raised.

For the gang name, we went with Yoruhana-kai/Yoruhana-rengo which means Nightflower Union. I wanted the name to be mysterious yet feminine as the group consists of women. The '-kai' is an association amongst Yakuza groups.

I've done some research on Yakuza organizations. We found out that they also have gang logos and I am getting some ideas for the Yoruhana family's logo, which we could use as the game title's logo.

On Friday, I worked on Level Design concepts and deciding how the game will be played out so that I have a rough idea for the concept art. I would really love to implement a stealth system to the game. I think that would really make the game stand out from other 2D side-scrollers, but, unfortunately, Stencyl is very restricting and Harry isn't capable of achieving that. However, we decided on implementing weak spots for the enemies where the player will enflict more damage than normally. I am quite upset with how limiting Stencyl is because I have so many ideas and I can't seem to figure out how to make the story flow with the amount of levels.

Easter break is coming up and during it I'm planning to draw concept art of the characters and level designs, possibly even start working on the character sprite sheet and animations to have a head start during the game development. I will keep in touch with Harry through Discord to develop design ideas and gain his approval.


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