Is Canada the best country to live in? Sidra Khan Grade 9


In my opinion, Canada is the best place to live. We are kind and warm hearted and the rest of the world really doesn't complain about us, and we seem to get along with everyone. I will be giving more explanations on why I think this so scroll down to read more.



Immigration to Canada is the process by which people migrate to Canada to reside in that country. The majority of these individuals become Canadian citizens. After 1947, domestic immigration law and policy went through major changes, most notably with the Immigration Act, 1976, and the current Immigration and Refugee Protection Act from 2002. Canadian immigration policies are still evolving. As recently as 2008, Citizenship and Immigration Canada has made significant changes to streamline the steady flow of immigrants. Those changes included reduced professional categories for skilled immigration as well as caps for immigrants in various categories. In the year from July 2015 to June 2016, there were 320,932 immigrants to Canada.

Canada is known for its amazing immigration policy. Especially when we welcome Syrian refugees (or any refugees).



Canada hardly gets any natural disasters, we get them once in 10 years. now I'm not talking about the small house fires or like a tiny earthquake, I'm talking about the disasters where they leave a huge mess behind and the average cost of paying for all the damages is like 1.6 billion dollars. The biggest natural disaster in Canadian History!! was the Fort McMurray wildfire, which burned down many trees too (because it started in a forest) The fire was so big that approximately 90,000 people had to evacuate from their homes. And approximately 2,400 homes were completely destroyed. Before the Fort McMurray wildfire, Toronto got to experience a major flood in 2013 that cost them nearly 1 billion dollars in damage due to heavy rain and flash floods.

Left side: Fort McMurray wildfire Right side: Toronto flood 2013

As compared to other countries, Canada gets the least amount of natural disasters. So, not only are you welcomed in our country, but your also safe in our country too.


Canada has 7 major vegetation regions

Canada's Vegetation Regions
  • Tundra: Is a large region of the Northern Hemisphere lacking trees and possessing abundant rock outcrops.
  • Boreal and Taiga Forest: The boreal forest is Canada’s largest vegetation zone, making up 55 per cent of the country’s land mass. It extends from the Yukon and northern British Columbia in the west to Newfoundland and Labrador in the east.
  • Mixed forests: Is a major geographic belt or zone characterized by a broad uniformity both in physiography and in the composition of the dominant tree species. Canada can be divided into eight forest regions.
  • Deciduous Forest: A type of forest characterized by trees that seasonally shed their leaves.
  • Grasslands: Are areas where the vegetation is dominated by grasses, however sedge and rush families can also be found.
  • Cordilleran Vegetation: A term that is normally applied to groups of mountain ranges.
  • West Coast Forest: Covers the lower seaward slopes of British Columbia's Coast Mountains and extends to the coastal islands.



Canada has an abundance of resources. We have oil, Uranium, Coal, Lumber, FRESH WATER! U name it! Our country is known for our resources... well.. at least natural resources.. Canada tends to trade a lot with the U.S. which is great. In fact the United States and Canada are the worlds number 1 trading partners. Lets see how that goes when Donald Trump comes....hopefully it'll stay the same...

Canada's resources chart Friends not enemies :)

Canada has a lot of Industries too. Like fishing, mining, forestry etc. Canada faces some problems with the whole fishing industry, for instance the nets they use are really bad for the oceans, and they collect too much fish, more than what we actually need. But Canada's fishing industry is working on fixing that. The Mining industry of Canada is great, we have gold and uranium mining and tons more. Our forestry mining is also top notch because we have a lot of trees. In fact Canada has a lot of open space with just trees and large lands. We do cut down a lot of trees for lumber and stuff but the way we cut down our trees is safe for the environment.



Mostly everyone wants to or is living in a Urban area in Canada. Take Mississauga for instance, we are known for our Square One or as some people call it "downtown Sauga" almost everything is soooo close by. We have a good amount of population in each city and we have a good amount of white browns, and blacks. One thing I'd like to add is everyone in Canada is very welcoming. They treat you with respect and equality towards everyone. But like I was saying we have hospitals near us, we have public and private school near us, we have malls near us etc.

here are some locations that are very close to some Mississauga citizens


  • HOCKEY: Canada is amazing at hockey we technically are winter pretty much and we are really good at hockey. Some people think hockey is our national sport but its not!
  • TIM HORTONS: America has its Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, but we have Tim Hortons home of the best coffee and our well known and admired timbits!


Canada is the best country in the world, we're excepting, we're warm kind hearted people, we say sorry for saying sorry way too much, and we have the best reasons why its amazing!!

If you move to Canada! its probably be the best decision you will ever make! I am a proud Canadian and I am very proud of what my country has done for us! we are a United Country and we all have equal rights! thus why its called a free country!! So I'm gonna say it one more time.... I LOVE CANADA AND ITS THE BEST COUNTRY EVER!!


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