Years on Squad: Rookie

College: Attending Temple University, majoring in Communication Studies

My Life As Part Of The Squad

Community Involvement: With the help of the Foundation for a Better World, I was spent time with the orphaned children of Higuey, DR, donating food, clothing, and toiletries to the children in need.

Favorite Appearance: The Kids Club Halloween Party! I got to wear a costume, and spend the day handing out candy and interacting with over a 1000 kids.

Best friend on the Squad: Allegra and Solange

Highlight of Game day: When we join the fans to chant E-A-G-L-E-S!

Fun Facts

Personal time: In my personal time I enjoy exploring all of the beautiful parts of Philadelphia! In this picture, I am sitting in front of the Washington Monument Fountain!

You May Not Know: I have grown up in a traditional Italian family and have had the privilege of cooking the family’s secret gravy recipe with both my grandmother and mother!

Just Have To Share: While traveling the coast of California this past year, I learned a lot about the West Coast and found a great appreciation for all its natural beauty.

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