Forest of fuel? compiled by un environment, September 2018

Hambach Forest in northwestern Germany is what remains of 12,000-year-old forest with a rich diversity of flora and fauna. RWE, Germany's main energy provider, wants to chop it down to extend its lignite mining operations - a step it says is vital to meet electricity demand.

These fungi in Hambach Forest are about 10 cm high. They perform a vital role in forest ecosystems. Photo by Ariana Magini, 2016.

Activists have built tree-houses and other structures to try to protect the forest from destruction by RWE. The sign says "Hambach Forest remains risk capital".

A ground-level structure.

Various obstacles in the forest are designed to prevent its destruction by RWE.

Part of an organized protest in Hambach Forest in 2016. Protest actions have been ongoing in the forest since 2012. Photo by Ariana Magini.

Protesters have attempted to set up barricades to prevent access by the authorities. Photo by David Ullrich.

Protesters gathered wood to create barricades and other structures designed to stop or slow down destruction of the ancient woodland. Photo by David Ullrich.

Tree houses built by protesters in the forest. Photo by David Ullrich.

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