Flyway Kings photography by tosh brown

In the Mississippi Flyway, mallards reign over all other waterfowl. Each fall greenheads wing south from the Canadian prairies, and many will pile up in the rice fields and backwater sloughs of Central Arkansas. Flooded timber hunts are the big draw, and when mallards are in the trees, it’s a sight to behold
On frozen mornings, deep river sloughs may offer the only open water for miles. With blind heaters lit and coffee poured, all eyes turn toward the tree canopy. Mallards arrive in great spiraling swarms, and if you’ve picked the spot where they want to be, it’s “game on” for the Arkansas waterfowling faithful.

Lone Star photographer Tosh Brown had a chance to photograph a private January hunt in Central Arkansas, where they shot from platform blinds in flooded timber. See more of Tosh’s photography at www.toshbrown.com.

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photography by Tosh Brown

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