Ten Highest Cites to Visit! Order of which i would visit!

#10. Denver, Colorado

I want to go to Denver to see all the beautiful snow. When I'm in Denver I want to go to the Denver Zoo.

#9. San Antoine, Texas

When I go to San Antone, Texas I wan to see the river walk. I am going to san anotone because it has lots of sweet people.

#8. Hershey Pennsylvania

When I go to Hershey's Pennsylvanian I wan to see the Hershey's Chocolate world. I am going to Hershey Pennsylvania because I love Hershey's Chocolate. Hershey's Hershey bar made with fresh farm milk is the bomb.

#7. Honolulu Hawaiian

When I go to Honolulu Hawii I wan to see the concert Waikiki. I am going to Honolulu Hawaii to see the pretty blue skies.

#6. Anchorage Alaska

When I go to Anchorage Alaska I want to see the very snowy hills. I want to go because I love Snow.

#5. New Orleans, Louisiana

When I go to New Oreleons, Louisiana I want to see a festival. I want to go because I love Louisiana chicken.

#4. Las Vegas, Nevnda

want to go to Las Vegas, Neveda to see how big the casino's are. I want to go because love lights.

#3. Los Angelou's, California

When I go to Los Angels California I want o see the lights reflecting off the clear blue Crystal lake. I want to go here because of the beautiful lights.

#2. Orlando Florida

When I go to Orlando Florida i want to see the big lake. I wan to go because I like seeing how people in the city live compared to me and my family because we live in the country.

#1.New York City

When I go to New York City I want to see the Statue of Liberty. I wan to go because my dad went we he was my age and he went just to see the statue of liberty.

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