Feudal Japan By:Kaylee

What customs keep structure in a society?


Feudalism is the ranks in which Japanese people stand. . The ranks go: shogun at the top, daimyos second, samurai third, and peasants/farmers last. Without this ranking system, it would be disorganized. They all helped each other in their ways. The farmers and peasants provided food for everyone in exchange for protection from the higher ranks. Everyone got what they wanted so they were all happy. The more happy everyone was, the more orderly Japan was and it lasted longer.

Feudal Japan's system of ranks


Bushido is the code of the samurai. Bushido means,"The Way of the Warrior". It is the code that calls the samurai to be honest, fair, and fearless in death. They were also expected to be loyal to their lord to the point where they would die for their lord. This kept structure because people felt more safe that they knew that samurai would protect them based on the code. All samurai had agreed to this so they knew they were all on the page. Because more people felt safe, they stayed, making Japan more popular, and so they kept this society longer.

This is a samurai.

Cultural Diffusion

Map of Japan

Japan is an isolated country. It is surrounded by water on all sides. The only other lands around Japan was Korea, Asia, China, and Russia. Even though they were isolated, they traded and got ideas such as writing from the Chinese. Without these ideas, it would've been harder for Japan to last and be orderly. Writing from Japan gave samurai the opportunity to write to their families when away at war. It helped them connect with their families so they knew they were okay. Also, these ideas kept the structure in Japan's society. They had more and more different ideas to use throughout there lives all together.

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