Police Officer Maintaining public order and public safety

The reason I chose this career is because I want to prevent crime for the future generations so they can grow up in a safe and fun environment.

Police and Detectives in the U.S. had an average salary of $61,600 last year getting paid about $29.62 an hour.

I chose this career because I've always had a passion for protecting people and doing what's right. I chose this rather than going to the military, which is my second choice, because I want to protect my family back home rather than overseas. I want my kids to grow up in an environment like there was when my parents were children, little to no crime and spending time outside knowing you weren't at risk for something horrible or tragic to happen.

Police officers use different technology for different reasons such as protecting civilians or doing the least amount of harm to a offender. Different types of technology do different jobs.

Technology involved:

  • Body cameras- Shows what happened in the altercation and which side of the story is the correct side.
  • Bio-metric tracking- used to track a person by their signature, typing pattern, how they select and read information (verbs and predicates used), eye movement tracking, and reading speed. Soon, will be also to track someone by their heartbeat.
  • Robotic assistance- Undercover agents are suited up with eye scanners to track down the name of a person just by their eye due to new innovations in small scanners with eye recognition technology.

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