1. Who are the bbfc and what do they stand for ? BBFC stands for British board of film classification . BBFC rate films only in England .

How many age ratings categories are there and what are they ? there are 7 different film ratings and they are U, PG , 12A, 12, 15, 18, and r18


Film rating examples : U finding nemo it is a U because it has no violence and no horror and you don't need any permission to watch it . BBFC said it has mild threat .

parental guidence

PG: toy story from 1995 is a PG because you need a parents guidance to watch it. BBFC said it hasmild violence, scary scenes, dangerous behaviour. their is mild threat the dog attacks buz and woody.

12: meet the fockers is a rating of 12 because you have to be 12 to watch it also is a 12 rating because it has swearing and rude scenes . Their is rude scenes when the kid draws stuff on the whiteboard.also the doctors start swearing at the kids when they tell him off .

12A: creed is a 12A because it has continuous violence in also the BBFC say about it moderate violence, infrequent strong language. their is strong language when creed has a fight with another boxer and when they fight their is blood .

15: lets be cops it is a 15 because it has drug and violence in and it also has shooting it it as well which you wouldn't want younger kids to see. their is shooting when they go under ground pretending to be cops and they try to kill the bad people .

18: Human centipede is a 18 rated film because it has disgusting scenes also the BBFC say about this flim it has strong bloody violence, gore, sexual violence their is violence when they are planning to join all the other people together. they join them together by knees out and they join each other to there bum and the poo in their mouth .


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