Mars By gabbie wall

Mar's Composition

Mars' composition is made of gas. Humans can stand on it even though its composition is gas.

Mar's size

Mar's size is 4,221 miles.

This picture shows how small mars is compared to earth

Mar's distance from the sun

Mar's distance from the sun is 93 million miles.

This is a diagram of all the planets. As you can see mars is the 4th planet from the sun.


It takes mars 687 days to go around the sun.

Mar's Time of rotation

It takes mars 24 hours and 37 min rotate.

This is a video of mars rotating in 2014.

Mar's rings

Mars has no rings.

Mar's moons

Mars has 2 moons.

The names of the moons are Phobos and Deimos.

Mars facts

Scientists believe there used to be water on mars.

Mars is named after the roman god of war.

This is a picture of what they believe is water streams on mars.
This is a drawing of the Roman god of war.


Book Sources

Seeing red by Nancy Loewen ( most of my information came from this book)

Internet sources

Britannica kids

Mars facts

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