Søtt vann bath portraits by kentsoul

Portrait of the Artist [model: Miss Alison] ph: Deanna Cannonball

I try to mix the aesthetic with the unpredictable...Turns out you actually can do the same thing over and over and achieve different results, if the core ingredients are interesting enough.

Love lissa in «temporary beauty»
Ramona in “Constant Craving”
Sienna Luna in “Go insane”
Gazelle in “The Hour of Not Quite Rain”
Marzipanned in «Tempted»
Kaitlin in “Sound & Visioin”
Tigger in “The Heathen”
Kiera in "Airwaves Dream"
Cecelia in «Moulinette»

Ninety percent of my work is made with my iPhone. I've never really liked cameras and have never had much interest in learning about them. I like to set it all on "auto" and worry about the interesting stuff [the model, their surroundings, their attire [if any], and most of all the lighting]. I figure if I get all that in order, all the camera has to do is record the results. I like the idea that if you give me a light, a subject and my phone, I can give you a memorable image.

Rachel d. in "Nine Objects of Desire"
Nova in "Church of the Poison Mind"
Saranicole in "Enjoy the Silence"

The Image titles are almost always from songs, mostly new-wave and post-punk songs, because that music has always fascinated me both musically and intellectually.

Sylvia in “Human Behavior”
Freya in «wHat we say in PrIvatE»

I'm a big believer in the power of the Muse. When I find someone that "gets" me, I try to work with them over and over again. In my case, familiarity breeds trust which super-charges the creative situation.

CIan Ballentine in "Under Pressure"
Cian Ballentine in "Anti Love Song"

I originally started off with just milk as the only coloring for the water, and while the the variations from shoot to shoot was always significant, the introduction to bath bombs, glitter and other additives has upped the creative ante, which adding a higher degree of chaos; I'm never quite sure what's going to happen when something new goes into the water, and that uncertainty is always thrilling.

Stevie in «Dame Todo»
Sienna Hayes in “Cool Monsoon”
Tiffany Nacke in “All the things she said”
Brianna in “Android Rebellion"
Eli in "american science"

I probably have another year left to pursue this idea before I have to move on to something else. For the time being, it still feels exciting and it seems I've got a bit of a "brand" going, so it's all good.

Leo Velo in «When The Sun Hits»
Nova in «mermaId’s dream»
Daytime Lauren in “Cloudbursting”
Love Lissa in “Too nice to talk to”

The End

(of the Beginning...)

Created By
Melvin Moten