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Tanzania is a country location on the East edge of Africa. The country has resently undergone a capital change. Parts of the country are located on the side of a dormant volcano.


The position on the earths surface.

The country of Tanzania is located in East Africa. The capital is Dodoma, located at 6.1630° S, 35.7516° E. Tanzania is bordered by the counties Kenya, Ugandai, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique. Some water ways found in and around Tanzania are Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Malawi, Lake Chala and many others.

The climate in Tanzania varies on whereabouts are. For most of the country the climate is tropical, but not in costal areas or in the highlands. The costal areas are hot and humid. And the highlands are cool and temperate.

This is the side view of a hospital in Dodoma.
This shows where Dodoma in located in Tanzania.
This is a picture of the Dodoma cathedral.
This photo is an angled front view of the Dodoma university.
This image shows where in the world, and in Africa, that Tanzania is located.
This photo shows where the waterways in and around Tanzania are located.
This map show where each climate zone is located.
This graph show how much heat sun and rain Tanzania gets each month
This shows the min and max temperature in Celsius for each month.
This map shows all the countries boardering Tanzania.

This video is over Mount Kilimanjaro.

This video is over the climate of Tanzania.


The physical and human aspects of a location

Gold, diamond, iron, coal, and nickel and some natural resources found in Tanzania.

Some cultural groups in Tanzania are Maasai, Sukuma, Chaga Makonde, Nyamwezi, Iraqw, and Nilotic. Religion is split into three parts one is Christians another is Muslim and the last is Indigenous. One holiday is Independence Day on December 9th.

Tanzania nickel pit
This show how much money each palace in the world gets from natural resources. Tanzania makes between 1 and 10 billion dollars a year.
This is a list of the natural resources for in Tanzania
Tanzania gold pit
This graph shows the money Tanzania made from 2013 to 2015
These are Maasai dancers in there dance clothes.
These are a group of Sukuma people.
People from the Nyamwezi and Iraqw tribes.
This shows the religious presents in Tanzania.
Tanzania Christian marriage.
Church in Tanzania.

A traditional Tanzanian dance.

Tanzania dance festival.

Human environment interaction

How people interact with the environment around them

Some crops in Tanzania are Maize, Srghum, Millet, and Cassave.some jobs are Teacher, Sales engineer, and Physiotherapist.some endangered species are the Black rhinoceros, Aders' duiker, Hartebeest, and Sokoke pipit. Some environmental problems in Tanzania are deforestation and biodiversity loss. Tanzania has a 7-4-2-3 education system.

This is a Sokoke pipit.
These are Hartebeest.
These are black rhinoceroses.
This is a teacher in Tanzania.
This is a physiotherapist.
This is a Tanzania class.
This is sorghum.
Crops in Tanzania.
Cassava crop in Tanzania.

This is about an endangered animal coming home.


An area of the world composed of places with similar characteristics

The total population of Tanzania is 56,236,934 and there's 60.36 people per sq. km. The area of the country is 364,900 mi^2. The per capita GDP is 33.23 billion.the total life expectancy in Tanzania is 61.8 years. For males its 59.9 years. For females its 63.8 years. The literacy rate is 68.83%. The country is in four climate regions. Costal area, Cantral plateau, Semitemprate highlands, moist lake region.


How people, goods, and ideas circulate around the world Tanzania’s imports commodities include consumer goods, machinery and transportation equipment, industrial raw materials, and crude oil.

The flag of Tanzania consists of a yellow-edged black diagonal band dividing an upper green triangle and a lower blue triangle. Adopted in 1964 to replace the individual flags of Tanganyika and Zanzibar, it has been the flag of Tanzania since the two states merged. The design of the present flag incorporates the elements from the two former flags.

During the fourteenth century, Tanzania's location on the East African coast made it easily accessible to Arab traders and slave traders. While French interest in Tanzania peaked towards the mid-eighteenth century due to the economic possibilities of the region, German missionaries from the German Church Missionary Society preceded French interaction. German methods of colonial administration were met with fierce local resistance, but control was briefly re-established until the outbreak of World War 1. After Germany's defeat, Britain administered the region which it renamed as the 'Tanganyika' region.Following World War 2, the Tanganyika region was placed under UN trusteeship. Various independent movements emerged around this time, including the Tanganyika Africa National Union, headed by Julius Nyerere. Support for TANU grew, and by 1960, the first elections were planned for Tanganyika. On 9 December 1961, Tanganyika became independent and became known as Tanzania. In 1962, it became a one party state under Julius Nyerere.

This show how much money Tanzania made form exports in the last three years.
This shows the difference in how much Tanzania imports and exports.
This show the balance between imports and exports in Tanzania.
This is a photo of Tanzania money.
Flag of Tanzania.

How Tanzania got its flag and the history behind it.

Information on Tanzania.

Breaking news

Recently The Tanzania government has moved form Dar es Salaam to the capital city Dodoma. "We are moving to Dodoma. From now on our offices will be based in Dodoma. Officially, our offices will be opened on January 30," Ms Kairuki, the minister charged with public service management, stated on the 23 of January. She stressed that all serious matters concerning the ministry, including those on policy, would be taken care of in Dodoma. President John Magufuli is the one how ordered the move on July 25 2016.

This video goes over the governments move to Dodoma.

This is a spot in Dodoma.
This is the start of construction for a government building.

Travel to Tanzania

There's many places to visit in Tanzania. You can go to any of the national parks, beaches, of game reserves. You can go hiking up Mount Kilimanjaro. There's many beautiful wild animals to see.

These people are hiking up Mount Kilimanjaro.
This is kendwa beach.
This is the Tanzania national stadium.
This is a map that show where all the national parks and game reserves are in Tanzania.

This video shows some of the hints to do in Tanzania.

This is a video of what one couple did in Tanzania.

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Redeina Carothers


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