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Empowered 2 disciple


The challenge to make disciples is a high priority for every believer (Matt. 28:19-20). Hence, to be empowered to disciple is therefore an inevitable choice—not a feeling. It is a choice that will determine the course of our life.

We can choose to be empowered in various ways. One way to be empowered to disciple is to change our mental mode of learning. Educational research shows that learning or education is better done through social connections or relationships. More learning of all the theologies or facts about God and ministry is not adequate to empower us to disciple. To be empowered to disciple requires going beyond joining a Bible study or a training session to learn more facts about God and ministry. It requires focusing on developing and learning through a deeper connection with God and others in the community. As we spend time talking and listening to God, this growing connection with God will increase our capacity to trust him beyond our feelings. At the same time, instead of just working or studying hard, it requires a willingness to sacrifice some time to talk and listen to others in the community in order to build rapport—the necessary foundation for building relationships in discipling. As such, changing our mental mode of learning is the initial step to be empowered to disciple.

Another way to be empowered to disciple is to be more intentional in creating space for God to work in our lives. Chris Argyris and Donald Schön (1974, 6-7) has observed that there is often a difference between what we believe (“espoused theories”) and the values/world-views implied in our actions (“theories-in-use”). In other words, we may often “preach” something and “not practise” what we “preach.” For instance, we may know that God wants to transform us through the Holy Spirit to be what he desires—becoming more Christ-like in our character. We may also be aware that God wants us to be open to his direction—he knows what is best for us. However, we may not be psychologically ready to be transformed or guided. We may be surrounded by many competing distractions—choices and voices on what to do/work/study, whom and when to get married, and so on. We may also be distracted by uncertainties in our family, office, or society. Sometimes, we may be plain too busy. Thus, empowering ourselves to disciple requires us to intentionally create space for God to work in our lives by, perhaps, slowing down, or reprioritising our time to reflect on God and his guidance for our lives.

As we look toward to what God is challenging us to do, may we choose to be empowered to disciple by changing our mental mode of learning and creating space for God to work in our lives.

培训门徒是每个信徒的首要任务(马太28:19-20)。造就门徒是出于一个选择而不是凭着一种感觉。这种选择将决定你的 整个人生历程。

我们可以选择以各种方式得力。其中一个得力的方法是改变我们的心智学习模式。教育研究表明,教育研究表明,通过社交可以更好地完成学习或教育。单纯地学习神学和事奉等事实,并不足以使我们有能力去做门徒。要更加得力,除了参加查经班、神学培训或事奉课程以外,我们更需要专注于通过与神和社群的深层联系来培养和学习。当我们花时间与神交谈和聆听时,我们与神的这种日益增长的联系将增加我们信任神的能力,而不再靠感受。与此同时,它不仅仅是努力动工或学习,而是需要愿意花一些时间与社群的人沟通倾听,以建立融洽关系 - 这是建立关系的必要基础。因此,改变我们的心智学习模式是得力门训的第一步。

另一个得力门训的方法是更刻意地创造空间,让神在我们的生活中动工。Chris Argyris和 Donald Schön(1974,6-7)观察到,我们所相信的(“支持的理论”)与我们行动中隐含的价值观/世界观(“使用中的理论”)之间往往存在差异。换言之,我们可能经常“说教”一些东西,而“不实践”我们“说教”的东西。例如,我们可能知道,神想通过圣灵来造就我们,使我们成为合祂心意的,品格中更像基督的人。我们也可能意识到上帝希望我们向祂敞开心扉,祂知道什么对我们最好。然而,我们在心理上可能还没有准备好接受造就或指导。我们可能会被许多相互冲突的干扰所包围,如该做什么、工作、学习、谁和何时结婚的选择和声音等等。我们也可能被家庭、办公室或社会的不确定因素分散注意力。有时候,我们可能太忙了。因此,要使自己成为门徒,就需要我们刻意地创造空间,让神在我们的生活中动工,也许,我们可以放慢或重新安排我们的时间,以反思神和祂对我们生命的指导。


Orientation, Chapel & Community Dinner迎新培灵餐聚

On January 14, 2019, ACTS College had its annual Orientation, Chapel and Community Dinner. The event started off with a meal, giving both the current and new students from Chinese and English departments a chance to eat together and get to know one another better. This act of eating together is crucial because ACTS College believes that community can only be built through intentional interaction and conversation.

The ice-breaker game, ‘Pass the Message’, that followed allowed students to interact with those whom they did not have a chance to talk with during the dinner. It was indeed a fun time filled with much laughter as teams tried to relay the correct message to the game masters.

The word for the night and this semester was delivered by ACTS College President, Bro. Casey Ng. Since God has greatly empowered His people to disciple others, it is now our responsibility to disciple others. We sealed our response to God’s challenge in the breaking of the bread and mutual prayer for one another.

Though it was a simple gathering of new and current students, it was truly in the simplicity of being together in God’s presence sharing a meal, lending a listening ear and carrying one another’s burdens in prayer that made this year’s orientation a powerful time of fellowship with both God and our fellow man.




这样一个简单的新学生和现有的学生聚会,足以让我们真实地在主内团契, 分享一顿饭,倾听,为彼此祷告,实在是年度最强迎新会。

《 婚姻与家庭》~陈秀春同学反馈~

《 婚姻与家庭》课程更深入的从基督教观点整合神学、伦理学探讨当代家庭生活。通过老师很灵活很实际地针对现今社会出现的婚姻家庭问题作出反思,同学老师在课堂上个人经历的分享也让我们彼此得着激励和提醒、一些婚姻问题方案的解决方法、彼此的讨论提出意见和小组共同研究后的呈现,都让同学们受益匪浅。


Creative Teaching Feedback by Chloe Tang

I enjoyed being able to learn from my fellow classmates in their micro-teach and working with them in group projects. I saw the heart of a teacher in action from Sister Davina. She really went out of her way to impart to us values and experiences, and even taking additional time out to teach us skills like structural diagramming of the biblical text. Sis Davina poured out her heart and soul into sharing her wisdom and experiences with us both in class and outside of class. She gave detailed comments on all our teaching plans to help us grow and improve individually.

Yes, I would recommend it to others. The contents taught in the class are very useful for ministry. More importantly, students will learn more than just skills on how to teach creatively – they learn about the heart of a minister. It is also very encouraging to see everyone growing and improving together as a class.

Learning in Christian Community Feedback by Ben Lim

Every module has a group assignment. Why is it so? This module allows me to understand the different types of learning approaches, and this enables me to better appreciate the kind of learning approach our school has adopted an emphasis on collaborative/ connective learning. What I enjoy most is the opportunity to learn not just from the lecturer but also from my classmates. The entire process enables me to gain not just knowledge but also to develop friendships.

I would strongly recommend this module because it benefits anyone who desires to discover how he/she could most benefit from our learning journey at ACTS. It is learning how we could gain both knowledge and build a network of friendship.

Interview with Alumnus Rev Adam Lim 采访校友林亚当牧师


作为一位牧师, 除了牧会和讲道以外, 终身学习也是非常重要的。一手圣经,一手报纸, 除了要留意现今时事, 也要对圣经的真理渴慕。

因此回到神学院进修是必然的事情; 保罗鼓励我们“当效法我,像我效法基督一样” 哥林前11:1 CUVS), 神学院的老师同学有很多我可以效法和学习的机会。借着学习更加丰富我讲台的信息也同时丰富了我的人生经历。

Renewing of partnership 更新协作伙伴

The College signed a MOU with Hope Church to renew partnership in training believers for ministry.


Getting to know ACTS community 了解ACTS社群
Our Student Life Committee 我们的学生生活委员会 [L-R: Charmaine Loh, Elika, Esther Tan, Ben Lim, Derek Foo]

The Student Life Committee is committed to serve the college community with passion. 学生生活委员会致力于热心服务学院社群。

You are encouraged to bring your family to join us too. 欢迎扶老携幼参与我们的学院家庭日。

Testimonies from our scholarship and bursary recipients 奖学金与助学金得主的见证

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