This picture is from Monday. My mom *who is not really my mom but is my mother figure in my life* she stepped into my life when she didn't have to about three years after my birth mom left my life. she is sick and has been going to the doctor a lot lately due to her random symptoms appearing. She tries to not take any days off work because her job is to help put food on the table and take care of my sister and I plus her two kids who I consider my family even though they are not blood and that can be hard to do while not feeling very well and using up all her sick days at work meaning the days she misses she will no longer be getting paid for. It can be difficult for her to balance everything sometimes with the appointments, medication, trying to deal with all the problems young teens have plus all the other mom duties etc....., also not be stressed about it all but she defiantly does the best job in my eyes. I don't know how she does it but i'm great-full she does because without her and the help of my dad too of course i don't know what I'd do.
This photo is for Tuesday. This is a picture of me reading in my room for homework. One of the main things i have as one of my responsibilities is to do my homework and pass high school. I guess you could say high school is my main job right now.
This picture is for Wednesday. Sometimes my parents work really late so when they get home around 8:00 pm we go get stuff for dinner. It sucks when they work late nights because it can be tiring to work all day then come home and go to the grocery store when you want to get home and slip into your PJs and relax. My siblings and I understand how tired our mom can be so we help make dinner.
This picture is for Thursday. This is my younger sister Fera practicing her performance for flag at Standard Middle School. This is one of her responsibilities to make sure she knows her performance so she likes to show me it and get some feed back while doing this we get to spend some quality time together. During the week my mom has to pick her up after practices and when she is working later my grandma helps out.
This is Friday morning. This is my hardworking dad, he is getting ready for work and putting his contacts in. He is a diesel mechanic. My dad works a lot and that can be exhausting because at the end of the day you can be extremely tired but he still manages to come home and ask me how my day was and tell me that he loves me. About a year ago my dad had a major back surgery and went back to work about 6 months later because he knew the disability he was on at the moment wouldn't be enough to take care of my family . His back hurts all the time but my strong willed dad goes over and beyond for the ones he loves. I look up to my dad and he his my motivation because if he can work with a jacked up back working on diesel trucks in pain then I can get through whatever too. The parents I have in my life haven't had the easiest life but they sure don't use it as an excuse and set good examples for me and my siblings. Now I know no one is perfect but they have showed me how to be strong no matter what life throws your way.
This picture is for Saturday. I spend my Saturdays at the speedway because I work there. I love my job because it has a family environment. My checks aren't that much because it's every Saturday only but with the extra money I make I get to buy makeup and other things that I want and enjoy being able to buy that stuff myself.
This picture is for Sunday. On Sunday's I usually hangout with my boyfriend Matthew. He happens to also be my best friend too. Sundays I usually just relax as long as there is nothing to do at home. Matt has been in my life for a while now and is a huge part of my life and if I'm feeling stressed at all he helps me through whatever. Or when he needs something I'm there vice versa.

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