I Will Always Love You By: brittany Nash

Being loved and cherished is what every teenager wants in their daily lives. However, there are many that do not receive this love and protection due to verbal, substance, and alcohol abusive parents. For these teenagers there is no end to the torture that they are being put through, and are often times left to drown in their own thoughts and emotions about their life. What could possibly be the solution? Adopting parents should look into the possibility of bringing a teenager into their home because of the love that can be instilled not only in their life, but their future.
The love from a parent is one that can not be broken or selective. Love is something that simply just happens and it happens quickly. Allowing this love to enter into a teenager would show that it is possible to be cherished and wanted.

More than not, teenagers in foster care are often left with their lives being controlled by a document or court. Teenagers should not have to go through the everyday struggle of whether or no they are allowed to do something because the court says they can. Having loving parents would allow him or her to do the things they may have always wanted to do and will have support behind them.

Adding a teenager to a family would just cause the bond in the family to grow stronger. Giving love and guidance to the teenager would allow him or her to trust their adoptive parents and grow closer. The past would stay in the past and there would be no chance of it repeating. Another benefit would be that the teenager would be able to take this love into the world and pour it into others. Then other foster children would experience a glimpse of the life they can have.


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