Bartels Farms Certified organic USA grass fed beef


Bartels Farm knows quality beef. Based out of the Willamette Valley of Oregon, they, along with farms in 7 pacific northwest states, raise domestic cattle that are 100% organic grass fed, not supplemented with grain, and are never treated or fed antibiotics, hormones, growth promotants or GMOs.

Organic Grass Fed 85/15 Ground Beef (12/16 oz)

CODE: 45894

UPC: 815404020369

Organic Grass Fed Beef Top Sirloin Steak (8/8 oz)

CODE: 45893

UPC: 815404020836

organic grass fed beef tenderloin steak (8/8 oz)

CODE: 45895

UPC: 815404020840

organic grass fed beef ribeye steak (8/10 oz)

CODE: 45892

UPC: 815404020819

Organic Grass Fed Beef Stew Meat (6/16 oz)

CODE: 45897

UPC: 815404020857

organic grass fed beef chuck roast

CODE: 45896

(catch-weight item sold by the pound)

Organic Grass Fed Beef London Broil (6/24 oz)

CODE: 45890

(catch-weight item sold by the pound)

Cattle in the Bartels program have living conditions that accommodate their natural behavior, including year-round access to the outdoors. The Bartel’s slaughter facility utilizes designs from Dr. Temple Grandin, which allow for gentle and respectful humane handling. Curved chutes and the elimination of shadows and loud noises allow cattle to show natural behavior. The personnel exhibit calm, quiet demeanors and read the behavior of the lead cattle as it progresses through the corrals and chutes.

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