Nightmare on a ship by matthew

There are millions of different ships but the one that will be remembered the most is the Titanic. The Titanic took 3,000 people over 3 years to build, but in the end it was all for nothing because the ship ended up at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. In this article you will learn about the Titanic, and many different passengers on board.


About the Titanic

The Titanic was a huge ship, the height of the ship was 175 feet wide, and 882 feet long! It has 9 decks and weighed about 46,000 tons. The Titanic was one of the first ships to have a pool! There were four smoke stacks each 22 feet wide and six stories high. There were twenty boilers, and 162 furnaces that burned through 650 tons of coal per day. There were 2,200 passengers on the ship. A first class ticket was $4,300 dollars back in 1912. WOW! That is a lot of money back then. Another fact is that the ship's top speed was 24 knots, which was fast for that time. The Titanic was supposed to arrive April 17, 1912, but it hit an iceberg on the way on April 14th. It sunk on April 15th. They only managed to get less than half of those people onto lifeboats.

Diagram of the Titanic.

The captin

The captain on board the Titanic was Edward Smith, he was born Sunday 1850 in Stamford England. He left for work at age 14, at the 12th of February 1867. He was following his brother's footsteps, by the time he went to sea his brother was captain of a different ship. Sadly his father died at age 59, 07, October 1864. A while later he married Eleanor. At that time he became Captain. He died at age 62, 2 Months, 19 days in to the year. His last ship was the Olympic, one of the Titanic's sisters.

This is Edward Smith
Time line of Edward Smith

Thomas Andrews

One of many passengers on the Titanic was Thomas Andrews, he was born February 7th, 1873. Some of his siblings are Sir. James, Barnet, William, Eliza, and Montgomery. His parents were Thomas Andrews, and Elizabeth Pirrie. He married Helen Reilly, later they had kids their names were Elizabeth, Law, and Barbra. He was famous for being the architect of the Titanic. Thomas Andrews died April 15, 1912, age 39 from the Titanic wreck.

Thomas Andrews

Benjamin Guggenheim

Another passenger that died on the Titanic was Benjamin Guggenheim. He was born October 26th, 1865. His siblings were Solman, Daniel, Simon, Isaac, Mary, Rose, Robert, Corn, William, and Janet. About twenty years later he married Floret Seliem Heim. Shortly after his wife became pregnant, pregnant means that you have a baby growing in your stomach. His kids where Peggy, Beneta, Roseland, and Barbara. He was famous for mining, they named him the silver prince. Sadly he died on the Titanic April 15, 1912. His body was never found.

Benjamin Guggenheim.

Molly Brown

Molly Brown was born in Missouri in 1867. Molly Brown was an American philanthropist and actress who survived the sinking of the RMS Titanic. Molly Brown and her husband went to Denver, Colorado, after achieving great prosperity through the discovery of gold at a mine in 1893. While traveling in Europe, Brown got word that her grandson was ill, and later booked a trip back to the United States on the RMS Titanic, She was famous for surviving the Titanic. Later she took up a lot of activist causes, and also worked as an actress. She died on October 26, 1932 in New York City.

Molly Brown

Now that you know about this tragic event, do you think you would have run to a lifeboat or would have thought the ship was unsinkable? Many people were blinded by the fancy ship and never imagined it would sink. We can learn from the Titanic that no matter how much you think something is invincible, it can always break.

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