Hope and Enthusiasm are Coming Back by Anthony freda

Our country was founded off of the very idea that people should be able to work hard and live a rewarding, valuable life due to economic opportunity, and be willing to fight to maintain the freedom that their country provides to them.

As a successful businessman, negotiator, and developer, Donald Trump might be the solution to the vast struggles faced by millennials under the current economic system. The once great wealth of the United States has been drained from the country like water in a bath, flooding into countries like Mexico and China the youth of the nation has been denied the privilege of great opportunity that was enjoyed by so many generations prior to them. Some doubt him, while others wish for his failure, but few can see that Donald Trump has been saying the right things and is the only one who plans to bring back the American dream. This would allow the children of this nation to grow into enlightened American adults. Our country was founded off of the very idea that people should be able to work hard and live a rewarding, valuable life due to economic opportunity, and be willing to fight to maintain the freedom that their country provides to them. This correlates with the fact that millennials are some of the least patriotic in the country, which is caused by the very core part of the Americanization process in which they are provided opportunity with the willingness to work, has completely disappeared. The economic system created by generations above has stripped the youngest generation of its hope, they attend expensive colleges and come out burdened with debt, meeting very little job opportunities. While it is not yet too late to fix this, it is getting close, and only one man right now is speaking of this catastrophic problem and has come up with ideas to solve it, the current president-elect.

“America is not so much a nightmare as a non-dream. The American non-dream is precisely a move to wipe the dream out of existence. The dream is a spontaneous happening and therefore dangerous to a control system set up by the non-dreamers.” - William S. Burroughs

The sense of identity in the United States, or the thing which makes Americans feel connected to each other and their nation, has been deteriorating in the last decades. Citizens are becoming less and less proud to call themselves Americans, due to increased polarity, idiotic actions by the government, and discontent with the establishment. Both Democrats and Republicans alike have been both intentionally and unintentionally destroying pride and unity in the country. Only one man has shown to promote the American values that we used to hold dear, such as promoting individual liberty, strength through unity, and cultural differences. The United States is truly a unique country in this bland world, with a melting pot of different peoples from cultures and societies around the world coming together in one place, under the common values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. For years it seemed like both the Democratic establishment and the Republican establishment have been ripping at these values in different ways. Democrats have taken on stances against freedom of speech, patriotism, and the second amendment. Republicans have taken stances against personal liberty, certain minorities in the country, and immigrants. Even though he ran with the Republican party, Trump has adopted majority viewpoints , based off of mostly common sense and a pride in American values. Looking at studies, there are many issues that the country is actually majorly united on, such as gay marriage, college debt, taxes, and even gun control. Trump has taken the stances that the people actually support, stating that he will not destroy gay marriage in the country, wants to lower college and national debt, lower taxes on the burdened people of the country, and protect gun rights while having common sense safety measures. If he is successful in doing this, the youth will be the first generation in a long time to be united under the American ideal, which will make them extremely powerful. Past generations of Americans have accomplished amazing things when unified under common goals. They sent men to the moon when a decade earlier the idea was inconceivable, destroyed fascism in two parts of the world with brute force, and made the greatest contributions to science by any people in history. It might seem like the country is most divided over Trump right now, but once the fog settles and people see him for who he really is, things will change. The darkest hour is just before dawn, after all.

Man staring at poster describing the ¨American Way¨ Circa. 1940
Picture Depicting a Nuclear Family

Besides the cultural aspect, Trump’s economic policies aim to benefit the whole country and millennials specifically. In fact, some have stated that Trump’s proposed economic policies, combined with the sentiment among the American people to bring jobs back and keep them here, is already adding jobs back to the economy. For example, Ford has canceled their planned factory in Mexico and moved it back to Ohio, partially because the move would be too expensive, but definitely because Trump’s rhetoric is very popular and they were already receiving back PR from their decision beforehand. This phenomenon was actually over thought by most everyone, that the economy can be affected so greatly not from purely policy, but just popular thought. The American people have been tired of the jobs that made the country and its citizens flourish for so long being taken away from the country, and moving to places like China and Mexico. The jobs and companies that used to be a central part of the American culture have left for countries based off of simply economic gains. It seems apparently that the majority of Americans, including Trump, are more than fine taking a hit to their economy to spite companies that do this. While Trump’s protectionist policies alone are estimated by economists to be bad for the economy in the long run, his rhetoric might be a more powerful tool. The problem as of right now is not that there aren’t enough jobs for millennials, it’s that they go to college for years and spend tens of thousands of dollars, but then the only jobs available are cruddy low-paying service jobs, instead of real paying jobs. If millennials have the opportunity for high paying jobs out of college, there will be an enduring change in the culture of the youth. Right now, there is so much fear for the future held by youth, as well as distrust in the government, corporations, and the American faith system as a whole. This is why they seem so misguided, even though they have no trust in the systems around them which have not offered them the same luxuries as their parents, they still look to the government for answers to their problems out of desperation. If good paying job are brought back and they stay, the misguided feelings held for Trump by millennials will soon fade.

The Death of Julius Caesar, Rep

The lack of trust for the systems around them held my most millennials, meaning the systems of government, education, and corporations around them, is not a misguided one. For so many years, it has become more apparent to this generation which has more access to information than any generation before, that the systems that make up our country and even our world are often led by questionable people, and have ill intentions. The government has gotten away with more than it ever should have, enough to make the founding fathers roll over in their graves, because the same people in government and industry have held so much power for so long without challenge. Businesses are practicing methods which used to be illegal, and cheating the American people out of jobs that they used to adore and appreciate in their culture, to make poor children in developing countries do it. Even religion is coming to blows with modernism in most ways, still denying scientific fact and trying to control people for actions that go on between them and other consensual adults, without harming a single other person. Millennials have grown up a much more libertarian generation, wanting to make a life for themselves based off of their own merit, realizing their own successes, and hating when others in part of the system hold them back from achieving their dreams. Trump embodies this movement, as head of the alt-right movement, which is an extremely libertarian biased philosophy, he believes in the values of self-preservation and reward through hard work. These ideas that many millennials and Trump hold are exactly what made America such an amazing country to begin with. There is not a more satisfying feeling in the world than being rewarded for hard work. However, it is not always possible for this dream to be realized, as it often isn’t anymore, when the system in which people are born into is so corrupt, old, and inefficient. Donald Trump is the person who was chosen by the American people to shake up this system, challenge those in power, and return the country to the state in which is should be run. The man is not the most articulate, and can not help and save everyone by himself, which is exactly why so many believe he is going to be a great president. By taking down those in power who have enslaved the people of this country, it will be run by the people and the destiny of this country will be decided by two much people are willing to fight for it. It is the natural cycle of humanity, destruction, reconstruction, flourishing, degradation, repeat.


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