My Cookie Booklet By: Ashley Vitkauskas

Types of cookies:

  • Drop cookies
  • Bar cookies
  • Refrigerated cookies
  • Molded cookies
  • Press cookies
  • Etc

Molded cookies:

Molded cookies are where you roll the dough and cut out shapes with a cookie cutter or mold it by hand. You would need more dry ingredients than liquid.

Drop cookies:

To make drop cookies you use a spoon and scoop the dough out, then take the dough off the spoon on a cookie sheet. An example would be chocolate chip cookies. Stick a tooth pick in the middle to see if it comes out clean when done or see if the bottoms are turning brownish.

Bar cookies:

Bar cookies are usually cooked in a small pan. They come out looking like bars while they are cookies. An example is brownies. When you check if they are done you would want to stick a tooth pick in the middle and see if it comes out clean.



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