King Watzmann Blue ridge coaster inc.

Germany is being taking over by the group of farmers that killed King Watzmann. Beware when you go into the Watzmann Mountains. The King himself might mistake you for a farmer, and will want revenge. Watch your back when you enter the Watzmann Mountain.

  • Coaster Stats
  • Name: King Watzmann
  • Type: Wooden
  • Manufacturer: Blue Ridge Coasters
  • Height: 96 ft.
  • Length: 4,693 ft.
  • Speed: 60 mph
  • 8 cars per train
  • 2 trains seats per car

About the Coaster - The legend of King Watzmann is about a group of farmers who rise up against the tyranny of King Watzmann. The kept on hitting him with stone that they eventually formed a mountain over him. These Mountains are called the Watzmann Mountains. Busch Gardens Williamsburg didn’t have a wooden coaster in the 1990s. These is why this coaster would be a hit for Busch Gardens. This wooden ride by Dinn Corp, who also made the Georgia Cyclone, would feature an artificial mountain like the Watzmann Mountains. This coaster would be a pleasant ride for many years to come.

King Watzmann starts with a thrilling 120-ft drop into a 270 degree banked turn. It has 7 wild hills and a ton of air time. If you want to see the rest of the coaster, you'll just have to ride it.

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