James Fenimore Copper By Zach Robart

  • Born September 15, 1789 in Burlington NJ
  • mother was part of quaker community
  • father was a congressman
  • James attended a private school in albany
  • then attended yale
  • was expelled in junior year because of prank
  • joined the navy after as a midshipman
  • after he retired from the navy he married mary delance
  • then he started his writing career
  • he wrote his first book in 1820 called the Precaution
  • after the unpopular precaution was released he wrote spy
  • during this period he based his books on the american revolution
  • then he moved to New York in 1822
  • in 1826 he moved to europe were he wrote many more books
  • the Parie
  • the Bravo
  • these books were based on historical romance
  • he moved back to america in 1834 and wrote some more books
  • the History of the Navy of the United States
  • this book is based on biographies on navy officers
  • James died in Cooperstown New York on September 14, 1851


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