The Train ride Nabeel alzahal

well after they got off the train they were going to his dads house were they have stay.then his mom goes back home because his mom and his dad are then his dad drives him home were he had to stay for a week.

some days later the news came on and saw the president of the USA.They went to see and protest about it because of the unfair rights so they protest until 1:00AM. They had so much food and was tired then they gone home and slept.The next morning it was his birthday

in his birthday he was existed he was finally he was turning 17 he had his driver license he.Really wanted a car some time later his mom came over and the hole family came over and he had alot of fun then he got the big surprise the car he always wanted.

he drove it around and it and drove it to his grandmas house and gave her all his bday monye to help his family he had a lot of fun and wishes to have that much fun with his mom some days later his mom and dad got maryed agin and now he can have fun with both of them.

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Nabeel alzahal


Created with images by trolleway - "Заброшенный паровоз Эр767-29 на бывшей базе запаса Александров"

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