Sacred Feminine Yoga Dublin

"Invoking your inner goddess isn't a girl thing—it's a chance to tap into the deepest source of empowerment, creativity, and happiness."

About the Sacred Feminine

Sacred Feminine energy or Shakti, is a universal frequency that is the touchstone of our physical and spiritual existence. This ‘goddess consciousness’ equates to an elevated, ego-diminished, non-judgemental and non-harming state of Being that transcends the human mind. It is a state of awareness that is connected to the wisdom of the heart, to natural and divine laws, and to loving, harmonious and peaceful life. It is a route to the Higher Self, and to healing the Soul. Sacred Feminine energy gives rise to Sacred Masculine energy, as it is a ‘home’ or ‘cosmic mother’ for all of creation.

The Classes

In this practice yoga become a tool to connect with body wisdom and simply be present, loving, non-competitive, accepting and compassionate with the body.

This is a class where the core principles of yoga are incorporated. The spirit of our practice is to come into greater connection with your inner voice, to enhance the flow of self-love and to nourish your physical body. When you practice yoga with self-kindness, it is a tool for re-connecting with your body wisdom and allowing divine feminine channels to open. In our practice we will:

  • Honour your Intuitive Impulses
  • Create Ritual & Sacred Space
  • Connect with your Body Wisdom
  • Consecrate Stillness & Honour your Inner Voice

About Jennyfer

Jennyfer is a Yoga and Meditation teacher and practicing Holistic Therapist specialised in female health. She combines her passions with the purpose of making Yoga a mindful practice available to everybody.

In 2017 she idealised Good Karma Ireland, offering Yoga and Meditation classes to fund raise to charitable causes.

In 2019 she created Sacred Feminine Yoga Dublin project with the aim of rekindling the female connection to Shakti source, Divine feminine and the Ultimate Nature.

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