Myanmar 2017 "this is burma, and it's unlike any land you know... " (Still true today Mr Kipling) [kathleen walsh].

The 'Un-tour" of Myanmar started and finished in Yangon, where the Shwedagon Pagoda dominates the landscape.
The gold is so bright it's almost too hard to look at for too long.
And the complex is so big it's almost impossible to get a good pic.
Sacred Yangon
Pagodas and Buddhas of all sizes everywhere you look.
Yangon is also full of crumbly colonial buildings.
And some not so crumbly.
People Part 1. It's impossible not to rate the people of Myanmar as the best part of the trip.
Hard at work, and yet still time to smile and laugh for crazy tourists with cameras.
Up super early to sell handmade postcards to the same crazy tourists taking a balloon ride at dawn (thanks PA for this pic.)
In the fields and country-side.
Creating the most amazing textiles.
Making/rolling cheroots.
And smoking them (though still hoping the small person only has it for show; but not convinced!)
Working for and at temples.
Without question Myanmar has THE most amazing street food culture in Asia.
For locals and tourists alike. Yumm.
Finally, a few portrait pics of people at work.
Magical, 'mist' ical Bagan.
And just a few of the 3,000 plus temples scattered across the plain
And 'Kathleen gets the shot'. (Thanks JG)
Up, up and away, with a full moon! Truly a trip (and life) highlight.
People Part 2. Almost as ubiquitous as temples, was the monks. And very lucky to be in Bagan for the Ananda Pahto (full moon) festival when 1,000 monks gathered to receive alms at the Ananda Temple.
Even monks need a little technology time,
Inle Lake fisherman in the morning.
And in the evening.
At both ends of the day.
The real deal (as apposed to photo ops).
Another sunrise.
And another temple. This one - Shwe Inn Thein Paya - with more than 1,000 stupas from the 17 and 18 centuries; some renovated ...
... some not.
Inle Lake waterways, and the floating gardens.
The end of the day and almost the end of the trip.
People Part 3: Travelling companions. (Thanks PA for the pic outside Aung San Suu Kyi's house.)
Thanks DM for the pic at House of Happy Memories.
And finally, a random collection of people and things not easily categorised: cute babies, art, food (including a bowl of ants), a mirrored temple, owls, fish in take home bottles, pottery, paper mâché zoo animals, lots of tomatoes (essential ingredient for the fabulous green tomato salad), puppets, a chance encounter, and a few rats of the sky.
And that dear friends is it for Myanmar. Thanks for hanging in there until the end. (Photo credits for those pics with me in them: Patrick Ainsworth, John Gordon and Dustin Main.) [Copyright Kathleen Walsh 2017. Absolutely fine to share the link to the album, however individual photos may not be copied or reproduced without permission. Contact kathleenwalsh23@gmail.com]


Kathleen Walsh

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