Communication by Gentle Giants By:Madison Sudekum


Elephants communicate in a number of ways. I did my research on three of these ways: seismic communication, trunk interaction, and the senses/body language of elephants.

Seismic communication...undetected by humans but obvious to elephants. It is the communication of elephants, through the ground. Elephants can send and receive these. These messages travel in low frequency waves and are sent to: warn others of danger, find a mate, and to tell of a finding. What a interesting way to communicate!

*Seismic Communication Waves*

Trunk Interaction: Elephants use their trunks for a number of reasons. A couple include: to dig holes, greet each other, to play, or rescue others from danger. Trunks for elephants are like a nose for use except they can also drink out of theirs! Their trunks are very important for elephants.

Elephants use all five of their senses. They have very keen senses of hearing and are super intelligent mammals. Not only are they smart, but elephants are also very social. They also touch their friends, family members, and children as a form of saying,"Hello!"

Elephants are very social and travel in groups.

Elephants have many different ways of communication that i find very intriguing and encourage you to learn more about it yourself!

Bye: I hope you enjoyed my presentation!


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